Double Elixir Draft Challenge Guide

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Hey guys! The new special event, Double Elixir Draft Challenge, is going to Start from 12 may 2017 But You can play This Challenge  in Friendly Battles from May 11 and In Challenges from May 12-15 This Double Elixir Draft Challenge does what it says on the tin – you’re drafting cards with your opponent while playing like it’s overtime, all the time so come and take a look at this Double Elixir Draft Challenge Guid guide Take a look at this page for more info 

Double Elixir Draft Challenge Guide

How To Get 12 Wins in Double Elixir Draft Challenge Guide

  1. The first entry is Free The next ones cost 100 Gems each.
  2. Each battle starts with a choice between 2 cards – you pick one and the other is given to your opponent (this is “drafting”)
  3. Elixir recharges twice as fast as normal
  4. The first one time reward comes at 2 wins = 4000 Gold
  5. At 12 Wins you will get 64000 Gold

Double Elixir Draft Challenge Guide Picks

Its Draft Challenge time again! This is currently one of my favourite events and here I will tell you how to get the most out of it!


In the Draft Challenge you have 4 choices – in each of the choices you keep one card and give the opponent the other. Therefore there are several factors you need to keep in mind – the synergy of your cards, as well as your opponents; and also what you/your opponent can counter and what you can’t. This time it is Double Elixir as well, which changes it around a bit – it is now safer to choose higher cost cards!

  • Choose by your playstyle.

For example, if you are particularly skilled at playing chip decks, you may want to choose a Miner over a Lava Hound. You will be more skilled at using decks similar to those you commonly play – for example Golem is similar to Lava Hound (both big tanks with large, slow pushes); Battle Ram is comparable to Hog (quick win condition that requires an immediate reaction).

  • Cover all the bases

This is not always possible, but you should aim to cover as many common weakness as you can. For example, a Wizard counters swarms well, and a Mini Pekka counters high hitpoint troops well. You also need a strong air troop, and a reliable spell in addition to your swarm defense and tank killer. It is quite difficult to play if you are lacking in a certain area.

  • Have a win condition (or two!)

You need a win condition to win most of the time, hence the name. A win condition is a troop or spell that is somewhat easy to get to, and heavily damage, the tower. Hog is one of the strongest at chipping towers, as not everyone will have decks based on countering it. Golem and Lavahound can also be extremely powerful as well, same as PEKKA – just make sure you have the right support to build up your push! Rocket is a surprisingly underestimated win condition – it can easily chip away if a high cost troop e.g. Witch is placed near the tower. Don’t forget that Xbow and Mortar will also be effective, but can be harder to play due to the increased amount of distractions.

  • Don’t give away an obvious counter!

Let’s say you chose Three Musketeers over Elite Barbs in the first choice. The second choice gives you Fireball or Zap. You may be tempted to choose Zap to lower your deck cost, but think again! Fireball will annihilate your 3 Musketeers push! Similarly, don’t give away an Inferno Tower if you have Golem.

  • Go high, not low on Elixir cost!

Going extreme on both ways would normally be harmful. However, with a faster elixir rate for the whole game, you can take a few risks and play a deck that is in the higher ranges (4 – 4.6). A 2.5 cost deck will struggle to hit the tower, as your opponents will easily defend your swarms. Thus you may have to make some choices to increase your average cost to a reasonable amount. If you have it too low, try taking a heavy win condition!

  • Have a surprise card!

This is not always possible but it significantly strengthens your deck. Surprise cards are cards that you keep until a critical moment in your game to surprise your opponent. Great examples are Three Musketeers, Freeze, Mirror and (sometimes) Elite Barbarians. Think of it this way: You are defending a Lavahound + Baby Dragon push and you are doing quite well. Then suddenly Elite Barbarians charge in and destroy everything – you wouldn’t expect them!

  • Don’t be scared to choose an ‘underpowered’ card!

Just because a troop is weak in the meta doesn’t mean it is weak in the Draft Challenge – remember there IS no meta! In fact cards such as Inferno Dragon, which is often shunned in ladder battles, can be very valuable picks (ID has amazing tank killing abilities!) Similarly Sparky works well against Golems and PEKKAs, and Bomb Tower is a good option if you gave the opponent a spawner building.

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A Few Simple Tips For Double Elixir Draft Challenge Guide

I’ve seen a few folks complaining that Draft Challenge is too hard, or unfair, so I thought I’d share a few tips that have helped me get to 12 wins before. Hopefully it will help out others.

  1. Take your time picking – This would be my single biggest tip. You get a fair bit of time to think about choices. Especially with your last few don’t rush. Consider how well rounded your first 4 choices are, and what your opponent might have.
  2. Look for air defense and anti-tanks – Hound decks can be unstoppable if you have no air defense. A Golem or Pekka can be pretty hard to stop too if you don’t have a good counter. If you have a choice I always go for the counters rather than the offensive cards, because I think it is an easier way to play an unfamiliar deck.
  3. Steal your kryptonite – If there is one card you are really bad at defending, take it. Chances are you can even get by without playing it if you have to, and its better to not psych yourself out by putting it in your opponents hand and knowing its out there Double Elixir Draft Challenge Guide.
  4. Prioritize cheap cards – Perhaps it is confirmation bias, but I seem to have my opponent dump a lot of expensive cards on me much of the time. For the cards I can control I try and pick cheap, so that I’ll have either a well rounded, or fast deck.
  5. Try to strike first – In the first few seconds your opponent will be most off guard trying to size up what they’ve received. If you did a good job sticking them with poor synergies, they might even be Elixir deadlocked. A quick attack may score you some big damage, even if that isn’t your usual style.
  6. Mind hard counters – If you have zap, take cards that it hard counters (Sparky, Inferno Dragon). If you have a tank, take the inferno tower. If you gave your opponent Sparky or ID, take the zap. By looking at the cards you have already taken and looking at the cards you’ve given your opponent, you can build your deck to be much stronger.
  7. The unique strength of Zap – You never know what they might have in terms of swarms, Sparky, and ID. Zap is very often the more versatile choice compared to almost any other option it will be paired with.

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Remember This is Double Elixir Challenge + Draft Challenge so Take your time to picking best Card And let me knoe what do you this about This Challenge