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Hey guys EBarbsFTW here and Today, the 2v2 Draft Challenge. Here, I am going to give you the best tips for this challenge and hopefully we all can get that Legendary Chest at 9 Wins With This 2v2 Draft Challenge Guide and  gonna be giving you a 3 part guide to the 2v2 Draft Challenge Guide. This challenge is the most unique challenge we’ve had because  It’s 2v2 and It’s Draft. If you can remember a while back, I made a guide on how to play and win the draft challenge. This guide will recap the tips I gave in my previous guide, as well as some additional tips on how to draft for 2v2 

Clash Royale 2v2 Guide

2v2 Draft Challenge Guide

  1. The first entry is free as always. The next ones cost 10 Gems each.
  2. You will be paired up with a random teammate.
  3. Pick 4 cards and receive 4 cards from your opponents.
  4. The first one-time rewards Golds at till 9 wins 


  1. 1. Pick a win condition: Easy. Pick one of these cards if you get the chance: Giant, Hog, 3M, RG, Ebarbs, Lava Hound, Golem, Graveyard, Goblin Barrel, Balloon
  2. 2. Pick cards that counter one another: Easy again. If you have the choice between Minion Horde or Arrows, then pick the Arrows. Princess or The Log? Pick The Log.
  3. 3. Pay attention to what you’re giving your opponent: Sometimes, a pick isn’t about making your deck better, but making your opponent’s deck worse. For example, if you get a choice between Spear Goblins or Rage, generally, you’ll want to pick Spear Goblins. It’s not about giving your deck a cheap chip/cycle/bait card that provides cheap air defense, but Rage is generally a bad card, and it wastes a deck slot, so it’s better off if you don’t have it.
  4. 4. Cards that are bad in the meta aren’t necessarily bad in the draft challenge: Let’s use the Witch for our example for this tip. The Witch is generally a weak card in Grand Challenges and Top Ladder, as she’s countered by many popular cards (Lightning, Bowler, Executioner, Poison, Baby Dragon, Knight). But in a draft challenge, there’s no guarantee that your opponent will have these cards. This doesn’t mean you pick the Witch over, say, a Bowler, but maybe pick it over something like Archers. Plus, the Witch has ranged splash, high DPS, attacks ground and air, and spawns Skeletons, which do a great job at distracting ground units.
  5. 5. Pick cards that require specific answers: These cards include: Ebarbs, Goblin Barrel, Inferno Dragon, Sparky, Princess, Goblin Gang, Skarmy, Graveyard, and Balloon. Without these cards’ specific counters, these cards can be hard to deal with.
  6. 6. Pick at least one medium/high damage spell: We all know those times when we don’t have a win condition. This is where it would be helpful to have one of these spells to help you spell-cycle your way to victory. The 4 spells are: Rocket, Fireball, Poison, and Lightning. When I’m in the draft, I almost always pick Rocket in case I don’t get a win condition. When the game is a stalemate, I can have an advantage over my opponent because I have an easy way to damage my opponent’s tower, while my opponent may not have one.
  7. 7. Build around your deck: Let’s use the same scenario I used last time: You pick Graveyard over Mega Minion as your first pick. Your next choice is between the Musketeer and Baby Dragon. Although 1 on 1, the Musketeer counters the Baby Dragon, you should pick the Baby Dragon, as it can counter your Graveyard, and can be a tank for your Graveyard.

Pick cards that counter your cards: Kind of a continuation of #7. If you have Lava Hound in your deck, don’t give your opponent an Executioner.


Be sure to take plenty of support cards: Once you have established a solid win condition and taken one good spell, be sure to stockpile support units to help your win condition win you the game.

Don’t take too many spells: 2 spells isn’t bad, but that’s the limit. 3 is slightly worse, but can still work, but 4 is usually a death sentence. Never pick more than 2 spells, and make sure that they’re different (e.g. Fireball+Zap is fine, Zap+The Log is not OK).

PART 2: 2V2 DRAFTING TIPS General drafting tips still apply

  1. 1. Pick cards based off your teammate’s picks: This is probably the most important tip ever. This is a team game, so pick according to your teammate’s deck. For example, if your teammate picks Graveyard, pick Poison over, say, Fireball.
  2. 2. Some cards are better in 2v2: These cards are great in 2v2, and you should always pick them:
  3. Rocket, Tornado, Executioner, Bowler, Miner, Princess, Poison, Fireball, The Log
  4. 3. Some cards don’t work as well in 2v2 as they do in 1v1: In 2v2, gaining value from spells is easier, as there are more troops in the roughly same-sized arena. These cards are generally bad in 2v2, so don’t pick them:
  5. Elixir Collector, 3 Musketeers, Barbarian Hut, Goblin Hut
  6. 4. Hover your cards: Another really important tip, and really self-explanatory. Hover your cards so your teammate doesn’t waste elixir trying to counter the same thing you are.
  7. 5. Play as a team: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Countering one push is easier with 2 players. This is 2v2, not two 1v1 matches. There are two ways to play together: Make one big push with your teammate, or make a medium sized push in one lane, then surprise with a Miner+Minion Horde in the other lane.
  8. 6. If you get a bad teammate, try your best: If your teammate makes dumb mistakes (logs the Minion Horde, Zaps the Golem etc), don’t abandon him/her. Try your best to help him/her out. If you lose, at least you tried your best. I’ve played a 2v2 Draft Challenge with someone from Frozen Peak, but we ended up 3 crowning our opponents. Anything is possible.

Always check your teammate’s hand: This is just a general 2v2 tip, but if you don’t know how to do it, I’ll tell you. All you do is hold your teammate’s name on the bottom right corner of the screen, and it will show their hand and what they’re currently holding. This is very useful to prevent something like a Mega Log (when you both play The Log to counter a Goblin Barrel at the same time). You can also kind of tell how much elixir your teammate has by the cards that are grayed out, but it’s not super effective.

PART 3: DOUBLE ELIXIR DRAFTING TIPS General drafting tips still apply

1. Spell cycle is even stronger in double elixir: Because elixir regenerates twice as fast, cycling spells is easier, as you can accumulate elixir faster to defend incoming attacks. Be extra sure to pick Rocket, Poison, Fireball, or Lightning for this gamemode. Rocket, Fireball, and Poison are generally easier to cycle with, as Lightning’s targeting makes it sometimes not hit the tower, while the other 3 are guaranteed damage.

2. Aim high: As it’s double elixir, bigger pushes are easier to create, as elixir generates faster. This means that you could pick Golem or Lava Hound over Giant.

Well, that does it for my Mega Draft Guide! This guide took me about an hour to make, so positive feedback is much appreciated. Have a great rest of your day, and good luck tomorrow!

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