Sudden Death Challenge Deck

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Hi Guys I will show you some 2v2 Sudden Death Challenge Deck which will help you to get 9 wins and In this Challenge you have to change your mindset Instead of thinking individually because you are playing with other person as a teams so you have to think as a team and the decks you Play It should be able to deal high damage in a short time  so come and take a look at some  good decks and Check Out Some Tips on Sudden Death Challenge


I played the challenge 3 times and i went 9-1, 9-0 , 9-0 with this  Graveyard Freeze Tornado Deck This Deck is good because your oponents will use their elexir in one lane and you can use freeze  Gravetard on ther lane and you take their tower 


Graveyard Freeze TornadoDeck

Bowler Graveyard Freeze Deck

The main strategy of this Bowler Graveyard Freeze Deck is to defend first and to use the survived troops on counterpush, coupling with the Graveyard.Executioners Bowler are used here as mini tanks While they are soaking damage coming from the tower, the Graveyard unleashes tons of damage Continue Reading »

 Graveyard Poison Sudden Death Challenge Deck

Sudden Death Challenge Deck

 think this Graveyard Poison Deck is suited more for challenges where you have longer to chip at tower but I’ve had success with it on ladder so I wanted to share it with you guys Continue Reading »

Miner Goblin Gang Zap Bait Deck

Goblin Barrel DecksGoblin Barrel Decks

This Miner Goblin Gang Zap Bait Deck relies on chip damage to destroy a tower, and if you make any mistakes, it could cost you. However, unlike most Chip Cycle decks, I tend to adopt a very defensive playstyle when using this deck. I don’t commit much elixir to the board. Instead Continue Reading »

Lava Balloon Clone Sudden Death Challenge Deck

Hi guys today i am going to show  Lava Balloon Clone Deck This deck is working well in sudden Death Challenge and I am a player who has been sitting a little under 4k for a few months now. I have been over 4k, but just enjoy messing around with different fun deck ideas too much to want to stay above 4k Continue Reading »

2. Bowler Graveyard Meta Deck 

Bowler Graveyard Deck

The main goal of This Bowler Graveyard Deck is to defend first and to capitalize on your surviving troops by using them in a counter push with graveyard. Bowler, ice golem, and mega minion thrive in this role as mini tanks (yes even mega minion) and while they tank the tower the graveyard goes to town unleashes tons of dooting damage. This deck can also abuse beatdown decks by quickly pushing the opposite lane after they have deployed their tank at the back. Continue Reading »

Golem Night Witch Decks

Golem Night Witch Decks

Golem: It is your main pushing card . It Can be replaced for giant . His high hit point will tank for the Night witch  and the other support cards such as Lumberjack and Electro wizard and  if your opponent play a tank at the back, you should play Golem at the back as well Continue Reading »

Lava Hound Night Witch Decks

Lava HoundNight Witch Decks

This card is obviously your winning condition. Play him in the furthest corner to the right or left so that you can build a bigger push. Generally I wait until my opponent makes a move. Lava Hound itself is not intimidating but the Lava Pups are what are scary. If ignored, they can deal over 1900 damage to a tower but chances are they won’t dish this damage out Continue Reading »

Bowler Mirror Goblin Barrel Deck

Bowler Mirror Goblin Barrel Deck

Hey Guys What’s up FIGGY0023 here As a player I used this Bowler Mirror Goblin Barrel Deck to get to 4000 trophies with 10/7/4/1,I would say I have a fairly decent amount of skill and experience at using zap/spell bait. So this deck featured by TopnotchCR (Kings cup top 4 and participant in crown duel) that looked really fun and I also Won  3 Grand Challenge at 12-0 win back to back 3 times I would share this deck with you So come and take a look at this Bowler Mirror Goblin Barrel Deck guide Continue Reading »

Battle Ram Poison Miner DeckBest April Meta Decks

Hi Guys Md Aaqib Back with new Guide This time i bring Battle Ram Poison Miner Deck which is orignally played by Yarn (from Orange Juice)Recently he posted a Video(below the post) on Battle Ram Poison Miner Deck which he used to get 12 Wins in Grand Challenge after watching his video I tried this Battle Ram Poison Miner Deck in challenges but I was not playing very good with this deck but after some time i won 2 classic Challenge and 1 grande challange,This deck relies on the 6 minutes of overtime to slowly but surely chip out your opponent while having a solid defense. Beware that this deck takes A LOT of skill to play properly. It needs near perfect play to be at its fullest potential. So let’s get into Continue Reading »

Balloon Tornado Deck

Balloon Tornado Deck

hi Guys  trustworthysauce here and todat i am going to show my Balloon Tornado Deck First of all I want to say that I am a little one dimensional in this game as I can’t seem to get away from the balloon win condition. I just know the timing and capabilities of the card so well at this point Continue Reading »

Pekka Exenado Sudden Death Challenge Deck

Battle Ram Grand Challenge Deck

Hi Guys lolnopound here and today i am going to show  Battle Ram Grand Challenge Deck which I gave this deck list to TheRumHam to play on stream this morning and he went 12-1 without ever having played it before.The deck is simply a version of the Pekka Executioner Tornado that is extremely popular as of right now that I found works very well with the Battle Ram Continue Reading »

Executioner Hog Sudden Death Challenge Deck

Executioner Hog Deck

Just like any other hog cycle deck, the basic goal of this Executioner Hog Deck is to out-cycle your opponent and defend with as less elixir as possible, by using cost effective troops and combos. Executioner+tornado provides one of the best defensive combos in the game Continue Reading »

 Graveyard Electro Wizard Sudden Death Challenge Deck

Best Electro Wizard Decks

Hi Guys ikizzyk Electro Wizard Graveyard Deck here  and today i am going to show you Electro Wizard Graveyard Deck I used to get 12 wins on the challenges You can also use this in ladders and If you have not unlocked Electro wizard from the Challenges then you can use Archers Instead of Electro Wizard OR Mega Minion Instead of Minions Continue Reading »

So Guys Thats it for today and  In The Sudden Death Challenge do not overcommit to a push you keep dropping troops off at the bridge to support your already broken push, you allow your opponents to ramp up your defense, which leads to a heavily bolstered counterpush which you most likely will not be able to defend if your opponents have 20 elixir worth of troops crossing the bridge 

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So guys this was the guide I hope you liked it and this Sudden Death Challenge Deck guide helps you to Reached at 9 wins. If you have any questions about the Sudden Death Challenge Deck or the guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments and don’t forget to watch yarn video below