Inferno Dragon

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The Inferno Dragon Doesn’t Feel Like a Legendary

Hi Guys What’s up dear here,So a few days after the inferno Dragon was released, I got him from a two win Challenge chest. I’ve been practicing with it ever since.After spending hundreds of gems on challenges, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is more of a gimmick and less of a legendary.

Inferno Dragon

Here are my reasons on Inferno Dragon:

  1. Stats: It has less hp than a baby Dragon. It has roughly the same hp of a lumberjack, less move speed than a baby Dragon, and slow retargeting. It doesn’t have an effect on death. Sure it can ramp to insane damage, but between zap, ice spirits, lightning, ice wizard, and poison, it doesn’t do it’s job effectively.
  2. Role: It’s supposed to be a tank shredder. But because of the factors above, it fails to do its job. Giant, or any tank for that matter? Here, have either a mega minion or minions for positive trade. Have a minion horde and instantly lose 4 elixir. Hog? Let me move out of the target range and lose your ramped up damage. Or better yet, let me hit your tower once or twice before you kill me. In short, while other legendaries demand attention and alter the course of the battle with their unique abilities, inferno Dragon is left out of the fray if without additional support. It’s a card that I’ve won games with without having to play it. Mega minion itself is so much better.
  3. Bugs and Retargeting: I’ve lost so many games because it inferno Dragon just flats out stops attacking. It has happened with balloon and mega minion and I think a mini Pekka once. Ramp damage is also reset when the target is moved out of range.
  4. Suggestions: To make him more balanced, I suggest a 0.5 range increase to make it a little bit closer to the range of the inferno tower. If not, give it a little more hp, maybe 10-15%. Either one will make it more effective at ramping up to that “sweet spot”. Make his move speed on par with the baby Dragon. Give him instant retargeting but delay the ramp. This will give it a chance against swarms and at least damage the targets a little bit should it die.

Any other thoughts/opinions? What decks have you used for him?I’ve done many iterations including miner/Knight tanks, giant tanks, freeze, poison, rage.