Best Inferno Dragon decks

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Hi Guys What’s up MasterOfControl here and today i am going to show how inferno dragon works,Inferno Dragon is the new Legendary Card in Clash Royale. It is unlocked at P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse (Arena 4),The Inferno Dragon only targets one unit at a time. Since it takes 1.6 seconds to retarget onto a new unit, if you don’t have interruption cards, you can use Skeletons to distract it for 6 seconds. Goblins can distract it for 8 seconds.

What is the Inferno Dragon and what does it do?

The Inferno Dragon is a 4-cost flying troop that fires a focus beam which increases in damage over time. If you are familiar with the Inferno Tower, well, this is basically the flying version of that. The Inferno Dragon is a fairly beefy unit with hitpoints barely exceeding that of a level 4 Baby Dragon at level 1. The Inferno dragon has a medium speed which is also the same as a Mega Minion’s. The targets of the Inferno Dragon are Air & Ground and it will attack the first target it comes into range with.

What role does the Inferno Dragon play?

The Inferno Dragon falls under the win condition, secondary win condition, and win condition support category. While you may solely dedicate your Inferno Dragon to offense, he is used quite effectively to halt pushes consisting of troops with large health pools. Remember the Inferno Dragon is basically a flying Inferno Tower so tanks are weak against it.


Inferno Dragon

What kind of deck should I use my Inferno Dragon in?

The Inferno Dragon can be most aptly characterized as a control card. It’s low cost mixed with it’s extremely high damage, especially against tanks, allows it to be very versatile in terms of defense and offense. The Inferno Dragon’s secondary role would be defined as siege as it is able to defend tanks and buildings from dangerous troops such as Hog Rider and Sparky. I would consider using the Inferno Dragon in a control deck with a primary win condition such as Giant or Pekka. The Inferno Dragon also synergizes very well with a Miner + a little back up.

Cards that synergize with the Inferno Dragon

Quick recap and what else you should know about the Inferno Dragon

  • Zap is your Inferno Dragon’s best friend when it comes to resetting the opponents target. The Inferno Dragon needs at least 3 seconds before it can start doing serious damage.
  • While the Inferno Dragon is deployed, have a removal card at your disposal in case of a hard counter: Minion Horde, Minions, Three Musketeers, etc.
  • The Inferno Dragon has around the same health at level 1 as a level 4 Baby Dragon ( tournament standard ).
  • The Inferno Dragon moves as fast as a Mega Minion.
  • The Inferno Dragon melts tanks
  • The Inferno Dragon is easily swarmed and distracted
  • The Inferno Dragon is versatile, applicable to both offense and defense
  • The Inferno Dragon is a control card.


I hope you guys are looking forward to Inferno Dragon  and I wish the best of luck to those who are trying to get him! I hope this small write up comes in handy and/or helped grasp the Inferno Dragons concept and feel. Thanks guys!