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Hey Triple Elixir Challenge guys The new special event The first entry is free and rentry 50 gems , Triple Elixir Challenge, is going to Start from 19 december 2017 thisTriple Elixir Challenge is same as Double Elixir Challenge and after getting 9 wins in  this Triple Elixir Challenge you will earn 10k gold Also  Take a look at these Top 11 Triple Elixir Challenge Deck

The Triple Elixir Challenge is not a 2v2 challenge  and this time we’re allowed to play with our own decks.The only special thing is that we will be in Triple Elixir time the whole match, but starting off with 0 Elixir. Well, first of all if you think this will make the battles easier you have to mind several things:


  1. Double Elixir means more troops and more elixir trades you have to make
  2. The potential for mistakes is higher, on both sides

Clash Royale is a game where the result is the direct consequence from your decisions and mistakes. With so many cards played in the match, the mistakes will rise and you will need to be a lot quicker to act

Triple Elixir Challenge General Tips:

Hey guys it Damichia I am just excited for the Triple Elixir as you guys are, But I will try to help you guys get 12 wins let read my tips

Always use a win condition in your deck 

  1. Great win condition are Golem cause it Triple Elixir Giants cause it the most versatile tank in the game
  2. P.E.K.K.A cause it could make deadly counterpushes
  3. Three Muskeest cause it 9 elixir and it triple elixir

so why not Giant Skeleton and Prince are not win condition since those troop are used mainly for defense and they get distracted too easily.

Used a direct damage spell In Triple Elixir Challenge

  1. Direct damage spells are way important than you think Add Rocket, Fireball, Lighting, and Poison.
  2. Because in Triple Elixir you will have to make huge push to win
  3. for example For Golem Night Witch you will need Lighting to destroy the Inferno and one supporting troop.

Think offensive not defensive Just like in 2v2 Sudden Death Challenge your opponents’ will rush you with their huge push which will force you to play defense,

Well in Triple Elixir ALWAYS TAKE THE FIRST MOVE. Instead of placing Golem on the back place it on the front because

it Triple Elixir you will gain elixir faster just keep spamming on the bridge. If you want to play defensive make sure you have splash.

Used crowd control Remember How in 2v2 Double Elixir Draft they were so many troops on the arena were in Triple Elixir they will be tons of troop great option to use splash troops like Wizards, Valkyrie, Bowler, Tornado, and the number one choice the Executioner.


Use Buffer cards In draft challenge you will never chose Rage, Clone, Mirror, and Heal.

But in triple elixir your opponent will rush you if better to use buffer cards since remember since it Triple Elixir you aiming for an 3 crown

so it best to end the game early here the reason why you should use buffer spell


Rage because it increase the movement and attack speed of all troops in it radius it will make your push unstoppable and you will get instant 3 crown,

Personally If you have the Lumberjack I would recommended using it cause

it help you on offense and defense and it will drop a rage upon death.

Clone Even know it a weird and wacky spell I recommended you using clone cause it cloned all the troops and it still retain it mechanices however

I only recommended you using clone on Golem, NW, Lava Hound, Balloon, and Giant Skeleton and you could Clone Skip it.


Mirror for the same reason as Clone to multiple your push.


Heal Heal is crazy cause when your whole push is about to died you could heal it to keep up the fight and go for an instant three crown.


NEVER USED PUMP IN TRIPLE ELIXIR That my number one tip Don’t used pump cause it Triple Elixir it make elixir every 0.7 second and Pump spawn elixir ever 9.8 seconds

so they really no point of adding pump in your deck and plus it a bad thing to put it on the arena since as soon you start pumping it asking for your opponent to rush you.

I recommended you used Lighting instead of pump for the same elixir.

This page is still updating……………

Thanks for reading this Triple elixir Challenge Guide Shared by Damichia

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Thanks for reading this Triple elixir Challenge Guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.

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