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Hey guy,Here are some more special tips for getting better results in Tourneys!Tournament Tips


Tournament Tips



Tournaments, just like in Friendly Battles, have rules to make things more even for the competing players.

Clash Royale Best Tournament Tips


1. First you have to  Pick a good deck before joining Tournaments.Play warm-up games with your friends or via the         matchmaking system.


2.  Spectate your opponent’s battles. Your opponent is usually around your current tournament trophy level and you can check their battles to have knowledge about their decks and strategy.

Some players only use a single deck in their game and you can use that as your advantage to build counter decks to your opponents.Tournament Tips


3. If you just want to win the prize, you can create a tournament exclusive for a few people so that all of the limited players can benefit from the gem cost.Tournament Tips


4. If you lose, take a short break to relax and cool off. Searching for battle immediately after a frustrating loss will make your Tournament performance collapse quickly. Take a minute to relax after a close win.

If you continuousl play the game during several hours, you will find it very tired. The most mentally demanding games are those close ones.Tournament Tips


5.  Have at least two decks to switch. Once you are climbing up to the top, players who are in the tournament can spectate your battles and check your cards and battle strategy. Switching out cards will prevent them from predicting your moves and combinations.Tournament Tips


6. If your opponent has a weakened Tower which can be destroyed by your spells, start pushing on the other lane! Don’t finish it off too soon otherwise the opponent King’s Tower will join the game. Take the advantage of this!



Note: Tournament games have lots of pressures, much more than the normal ones. Your opponents are more likely to make mistakes they wouldn’t many while playing ladder games. That’s great If you can use this pressure to your advantages, do everything to make your opponent uncomfortable (no, don’t use Taunts). Play the mind game by hiding your key card, not playing card in a certain order and mixing your playstyle

Tournament Tips