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Hello! I’m VriskyS, you might have seen me before, I’m at 4014 trophies, in the clan Silent, and I’m here to explain the synergy of clash royale tornado Guide, You Can Find Here Some Tornado Deck

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Explanation of Tornado
  • Basic Functions
  • Synergy
  • Conclusion

clash royale tornado Guide

Explanation of Tornado

The card came out today in fact! It costs 3 elixir, lasts 3 seconds, and does roughly 150 damage at tournament standard. The main ability however, is it’s ability to pull All troops towards the center of the spell! It also doesn’t affect towers, not even with damage, so don’t be afraid to place it on the king tower.

Basic Functions

So, the primary use for tornado, is to move troops, either towards or away from something. Despite the 3 seconds of pulling, it will not pull a troop in the center most of the time. It can, however, keep a troop from moving, and slightly backwards.


The 3 primary function I found for it are Clumping, Killing, Moving.

The clumping function is using the tornado to well, clump up troops!

The Killing Function is for those skeleton armies, or even princess!

The Moving Function is to move troops either away or towards an area, and all will be explained later!

Explanation of Tornado

This section is exactly what it sounds like, explaining the synergy with cards.


Wow. Really? Sparky? Well, it’s a little complicated. You can either clump the enemy troops, letting a sparky shot decimate all of them at once, or you can move them right next to the tower to splash the shot damage onto the tower as well. I place it with the center of the spell just barely on the front of the tower, meaning troops get clumped up right in front of the tower. Note that the spell only lasts 3 seconds, so sparky can only get one shot in with the tornado in effect! clash royale tornado Guide

Hog Ridah

This is quite simple, really. You just need to drag the troops to a different location! I’ve seen a rise in barbarians once again, so I put the tornado in the center, a little bit towards the lane I’m pushing. It pulls all the troops, but the primary one’s I see are: Minions, mega minion, Barbarians, and skeleton army. If you know they play the skeleton army, you can play it directly on the tower, but to drag the troops to the side, but the skeletons get killed in 2 seconds. If they play barbarians, it drags them to the side, and if they somehow clump the barbarians next to a building they play, I like to play a nice, old FIREBALL! Just be careful of mega minion, the only way to counter him with tornado is to drag him behind the tower, so he can’t hit the hog. clash royale tornado Guide


Before you say it, no. This will not work with the X-bow! Also, I consider the mortar to be better for chipping, but the x-bow is still good! So, back into the guide. The mortar, as you might know, has that big ol’ blind spot. Seems Negative? NOPE!!! It’s actually very helpful, meaning troops, such as the very common giant, when close, don’t get targeted anymore and the mortar can start targeting the tower. now, a primary issue I see when using the mortar, is accuracy! I often face goblins, skeleton armies, and barbarians being placed to attack the mortar. So, our solution? Tornado! With the mortars splash damage, I clump to troops up right before it fires, for a value-packed shot of death! Also, if you need one more mortar shot to take the tower, and you don’t have a spell to kill in hand, and the mortar can’t kill those troops quick enough, use the tornado to yank all of them into the blind spot, letting the mortar target the tower, shoot, then get destroyed by the troops. In rare situations, you can play the tornado to drag a bigger, tankier unit, such as the hog rider or giant, away from the mortar. Just make sure the mortar targets the tower first! clash royale tornado Guide

Wizard, Bomber, Baby Dragon, Ranged Splash Troops

Needless to say, it’s an easy strategy. Clump up the troops, let your splash damage-support quickly wipe them out. Just like the mortar, you can clump troops to do damage, but my favorite part, however, is killing tank support! When a giant/Royal giant/Golem is coming down the lane, followed by some archers, musketeers, whatever, you can play the tornado slightly in front of the tank, causing the support to be so close, that the splash damage from your troops go’s on their support as well! Be cautions, however, the support can then target your troops as well! Another way to use the tornado with splash troops is super basic. Just drop the tornado on the incoming troop swarm and watch as your troops decimate the swirling mass of enemy troops! clash royale tornado Guide


This section will be in segments!

  • Poison: maybe the opponents troops are walking away from your poison spell? If the total cost of their troops equals 6 or more, and you can kill that many or at least save your tower/expensive troop, go ahead! The bonus 150 damage plus the amount poison does, along with the pull, you can kill a lot of troops with that!
  • Rocket/fireball: Super simple, just clump the troops and be prepared the rocket, but make sure you place it ahead of opposing troops, that way, you can still hit them without the fear of the rocket missing or only hitting the last couple of troops in the group. Fireball, same thing.
  • Freeze/zap: Maybe the opponent has a couple troops you want to stun, no worries! Just clump, aim, and drop it directly on them! 150 damage and the pull plus the freeze/stun is really helpful!


Maybe the opponent has a large collection of minions, or a baby dragon and mega minion, close to the center, ready to stomp on your damaged tower? Well, use the tornado with the center closest to the other lane, and the edge of the tornado touching the troops. It won’t always work, but it may drag the troops into the opposing lane, dividing their forces up so they have to choose a lane and/or sacrifice a couple troops for no extra damage/minimal damage. Don’t always count on it working though, some troops can move fast enough where they don’t get pulled, but rather just stay in the same place for 3 seconds. clash royale tornado Guide


Remember that any splash unit can kill a bunch of troops if you clump them, the tornado is good for keeping enemy troops at bay for a couple seconds, and you can even divide their push if the troops are close to the center! I hope you learned something, and good luck in the arena! clash royale tornado Guide

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