Executioner Hog Deck

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Hi guys jeffrey here today i am going to show you Executioner Hog Deck that recently got me to 5k trophies with a level 8 hog. I am currently active as a Clash Royale player with the username of Jeffery, and reside in the clan ‘Mo Betta. I feel that I have considerable knowledge on the deck,

Just like any other hog cycle deck, the basic goal of this Executioner Hog Deck is to out-cycle your opponent and defend with as less elixir as possible, by using cost effective troops and combos. Executioner+tornado provides one of the best defensive combos in the game So come and take a look at this Executioner Hog Deck guide

Executioner Hog Deck


Executioner Hog Deck Card Role:

  1. Hog Rider : The primary win condition of this deck. This card is one of the most versatile fast paced offensive cards in the game, and I love every part of the card. Paired with cards like ice golem, executioner from a counter attack, ice spirit, and even possibly elite barbarians, this card can deal significant damage to the opponent’s tower. An important thing to consider is that it is not a great card to play without having the cards and elixir to defend the opponents counter push, so make sure to keep that in mind and don’t send hog rider pushes in a brain-dead manner.just like any other win condition in this game, play smart and don’t play over aggressive, or you WILL be punished.
  2. Executioner : In my mind, the most overpowered card in the game right now, aside from furnace and graveyard. This card is defensive and offensive capabilities are simply crazy, and provide insane value for 5 elixir. To add to this, even if this card is under leveled, there aren’t many significant card interactions that make this card any less viable. Make sure to play this card on defense, and take special attention to your placement of this card.Pairing the executioner with tornado provides INSANE value, and is one of the best combos in the game at this moment. An executioner+tornado combo can take out big beatdown pushes by clumping them all up and deaing AOE damage, which I feel actually allows for this deck to work effectively.
  3. Tornado : A really skillful card, that you have to be creative with and milk out value. It can stall pushes, activate king towers, clump up troops for the executioner, or outright kill troops (skeletons, equal level goblins etc.) It’s a really versatile card that has increased in popularity after the zap nerf, and even more so after the release of executioner. Tornado paired up with executioner is one of THE BEST defensive combos in the game, and you must utilize it in this deck.
  4. Elite Barbarians : The best ladder card for anyone not at the global leader boards in my opinion. This card punishes hogs, royal giants, and other beat-down styles cards, by countering them effectively on defense and provide a great counter push as offense. You probably don’t want to outright use this card offensively, unless you know their cycle and elixir.A good offensive combo against some decks (spell bait) can be elite barbarians+executioner, as this combo kills swarms and tanks alike, and is nearly unstoppable in some situations. Likewise, a hog+executioner combo is deadly against spell bait.
  5. Skeletons : Great cycling card, while simultaneously providing great value on defense. People underestimate the DPS of skeletons on defense against troops, but it is significant and always helps me out against beat-down pushes. An ice spirit+skeleton combo can take out a lone hog rider, although it is weak to spells.Skeletons can be paired with hog rider to pig push, in order to bypass buildings.
  6. Ice Spirit : The most versatile card in the game. That’s it. 1 elixir card that provides damage, a short freeze, and can lure troops. Not much to explain, although it is important to keep in mind that this card can be used to pig push to bypass buildings.
  7. The Log : The best spell in the game at this moment, thanks to the zap nerf and the versatility of the card. It can deal with goblin barrel, small troops, damaged medium hp troops, push back troops, everything. Sending a hog rider+the log combo can be really good if you know that the opponent will use a ground based hog defense that isn’t a building.
  8. Ice Golem: Even after the nerfs, an incredibly versatile card, that is great paired with hog on offense. An ice golem+hog rider combo can even take down a whole tower, if left alone. Just like ice spirit, there are so many interactions and uses that cannot simply be explained. For this deck, it serves as a mini tank and a kiting unit

Executioner Hog Deck Gameplan/Match-Ups

Just like any other hog cycle deck, the basic goal of this Executioner Hog Deck is to out-cycle your opponent and defend with as less elixir as possible, by using cost effective troops and combos. Executioner+tornado provides one of the best defensive combos in the game, although rather expensive. Below will be my own personal insights against each archetype match-up for this deck. I will also provide videos for each match-up. All the videos are after the reset, so they may not contain as many high level players as I would have liked.

  • Spell bait/zap bait

The easiest match-up for this deck. Just enjoy the free win as you watch your executioner tear through their swarm troops. For offensive pushes, you want to always pair one of your two win conditions with either executioner/ice golem with a spell in hand, to take care of the swarm troops they may place. A combo I enjoy is placing an executioner+elite barbarians combo on offense after netting an elixir advantage, as they can’t possibly defend it with their swarm troops. Hog+executioner also works.

  • Beatdown

The key to this match-up is punishing the opposite lane with a cheap push when they place their tank in the back, and defending effectively with elite barbarians/executioner. Smart use of tornado will single handedly win you this match-up, while poor use will make you lose for sure.  

  • Hog Matchups

In this match-up, make sure to activate the hog with tornado for easy trades throughout the game, or use elite barbarians to provide a great defense and a good counter attack. You cycle as fast as most fast hog cycle decks, and against those cycle decks make sure to punish them for the elixir disadvantages they get from sending hogs.

  • Royal Giant

In this match-up, it all depends on how your hand starts out. If you start with elite barbarians as your last card, its probably not going to go well if they place an RG at the bridge. If they place it as the back, good, there’s your free win. Elite barbarians are such a good counter to RG, that it is hard to lose to RG. The following is a  against a strange RG cycle deck, which I was caught off guard by, but punished as the game progressed.

Executioner Hog Deck Conclusion:

This Executioner Hog Deck is incredibly competent, especially on ladder, due to the state of the meta. Consider using it, and I hope you find success with it. Thanks for reading through my guide, and I’ll definitely be open to suggestions and questions below in the comments section. Alao, feel free to PM me for any needs.

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I strongly suggest trying this Executioner Hog Deck – It’s fun to play, easy to use All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.