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Hi Tornado Hog Battle Ram Deck Guys RodYT here and Today i am going to show you my Tornado Hog Battle Ram Deck Which is working well for me in Grand Challenge This Tornado Hog Battle Ram Deck Got me 4 Times (12 Wins In Battle Ram Grand Challenge) Basically This Tornado Hog Battle Ram Deck contain So many Meta Card Such as Executioners,Log,Tornado(this is Very OP Card If You know how to use it Properly) and it can pull giants, hogs, miners, and rams to their death, immobilizing them and also activate the king tower So Come Take a Look at this Tornado Hog Battle Ram Deck guide

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Tornado Hog Battle Ram Deck

Tornado Hog Battle Ram Deck Card Role:

Hog Rider – The Main Win Condition. Send Him with support troops such as executioner to clean up for small units. Use this card to keep applying pressure. As long as every push gets in 1 – 2 hog swings, thats almost cutting the tower by half!.


Battle Ram – Second Win Condition. Can be used to tank executioner axes, wizard fireballs, and kite Elite barbarians to their death. Use it to support hog or plant it in the middle of the batttlefield to take advantage of the spawned barbs. You should only use this card if you can have an elixir advantage and need something to act as a meatshield translated into a counter attack.

Prince – This is your heavy hitter. Take out high HP troops such as giant, hog, ram, and other support troops such as musketeer and valkryie. When paired up with hog rider, it can be a deadly combo if your opponent has no cheap cycle troops in rotation.

Executioner – The most OP card in the game. His axe flies a full 8 tiles so you can use this to your advantage. Most likely want to plant it on the side the opponent is attacking and use as a defensive card to chip to the tank and all the support units behind it. On offense, plant it in the back to build up for a strong push. The Hog does all the damage while the executioner cleans up their defensive cards.

Tornado – This card has seen a rise with the executioner meta but is still very under rated. This can pull giants, hogs, miners, and rams to their death, immobilizing them and also activate the king tower. Or you can clump up units, for a value executioner or fireball. Its also great for that clutch win, pulling back units and dealing significant damage as well.

The Log – The best spell in the game. You can deploy a psychic log to deal with their skeleton army or finish off injured glass cannons. Great counter against goblin barrel and can knockback all units.

Ice Golem – For 2 elixir, the ice golem is insane value. He acts like a sponge and paired with zap can take out minion horde. It can kite units to the dead zone, only to be pushed back OVER the river. This is a clutch defense to tank for Prince and deals with the Remaining Spawned barbs from the ram.

Electro Wizard – A very versitale card, it counters defensive and offensive sparky, inferno tower, and stops balloons fairly well. Its spawn damage can nullify the Prince or Ram’s charge attack and can take out swarms such as Lava pups and Stab/Spear Goblins. Alone, it counters a battle ram completely. A surviving Electro Wizard can be deadly when turned into a counter attack.

The overall playstyle of this Tornado Hog Battle Ram Deck is to constantly make your opponent play on your rotation, and be aggressive so they never get to play offensively. If they do go for an attack, this deck has the right cards to counter it.In This Deck You Can Play Every Card on Defense and Convert into Offense Some This Play Alone Hog Or Pair With Ice Golem 

Use Tornado To pull giants, hogs, miners, and rams to their death also activate the king tower.Executioner Will Take care of Skarmy,Minions, Minions Horde,Goblins and Other Small Troops

  • You Can Use Ice Spirit  in this Tornado Hog Battle Ram Deck Instead of Ice Golrm Because Ice Spirit is very cheap 1 elixir card that can cycle your deck, pull units like mini pekka and freeze, allows you to pig push and by pass 4 – 3 Cannon plants. Stops the battle ram’s charge. It can be a great distraction unit and can tank at least one hit from most glass cannons and outranges a Prince and guards.

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I strongly suggest trying this Tornado Hog Battle Ram Deck – It’s fun to play, easy to use All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.