Double Elixir Challenge Best Decks

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Hi Guys Today I am here to share Top 5 Double Elixir Challenge Best Decks .Soon a new challenge will kick off in Clash Royale – the Double Elixir Challenge! It’s the second special event challenge after the Kings Cup and this time we’re allowed to play with out own decks.The only special thing is that we will be in double Elixir time the whole match, but starting off with 0 Elixir. Well, first of all if you think this will make the battles easier you have to mind several things: Double Elixir Challenge Best Decks

  • Double Elixir means more troops and more elixir trades you have to make
  • The potential for mistakes is higher, on both sides

Clash Royale is a game where the result is the direct consequence from your decisions and mistakes. With so many cards played in the match, the mistakes will rise and you will need to be a lot quicker to act. let’s tale a look on this Top 5 Double Elixir Challenge Best Decks

1. Golem Log Deck Push to Legendary Arena

Double Elixir Challenge Best Decks

This Golem Log Deck  was strong enough to reach legendary arena and I capped out at 3017 for now as I am focusing on the king’s cup. If you do choose to play this Golem Log Deck  I would strongly recommend having either a lvl 3 or 4 golem as anything weaker will likely struggle to make its way across to your opponent’s towers. Good luck and I hope this Golem Log Deck  was helpful, I’d be curious as to what you used to initially reach legendary arena and what level your cards were at Read More »


2. Lava Hound Miner Control Deck with Tombstone

Double Elixir Challenge Best Decks

Usually start with a hound in the bottom right hand corner. I prefer that corner since I’m right handed. But if you’re left handed, please feel free to use the left corner as well. Once it hits the bridge, support with MM on the outside. Keep lightning at the ready for inferno towers or splash damage. When the hound pops, throw in miner. I like to start these pushes when the tombstone is already down so I have dps on the ground. To deal with inferno towers skip the MM step and go right to lightning. Send miner in on pop. Read More »

3. Double Elixir Challenge Best Decks Golem Inferno Dragon Deck 

Double Elixir Challenge Best Decks

The basic game plan is rather simple. Generate a golem push and put pressure on opponent. Basically brute force the opponent until they breaks. A golem push is costly to make and also costly to defend due to the extremely high health of Golem.

The key here is to commit just enough and the timing of the push. While the push is pretty straight forward the major difficulty of playing this deck is how to defend an opponent rush when you deploy your golem or with golem clotting your hand. 

In early game, no the opponent’s strategy and cards, do several positive Elixir trades. Then place the Golem behind the King Tower with Musketeer orInferno Dragon set back. When Golem, send a Mega-Minion or Minions, not too close to the Musk (in case of Fireball). With that and the Spells, try to defeat the opponent’s defense then send the Mini-Pekka or Ice Spirit which will deal a lot of damage against the Tower. Zap always ready to reset it. This is just a possible scenario, it’s always a little different in reality. Read More »

4. Bowler Giant Deck For Tournaments

Double Elixir Challenge Best Decks

If your opponent starts building a push, drop your Bowler right behind your Tower, due to his slow movement speed, he can easily deal with any push coming quickly.

This deck is pretty easy to play. Focus on countering your opponent’s pushes then launch the counterpush with the survived troops. Read More »

5. Control Hog Tornado Deck for Arena 7+

Double Elixir Challenge Best Decks

I personally play this  Hog Tornado Deck more of a counter push. As you can see, most of the cards are good on both offense and defense. You want to capitalize on your opponents mistakes and create a positive elixir push out of them. Double Elixir Challenge Best Decks

This is quite simple, really. You just need to drag the troops to a different location! I’ve seen a rise in barbarians once again, so I put the tornado in the center, a little bit towards the lane I’m pushing. It pulls all the troops, but the primary one’s I see are: Minions, mega minion, Barbarians, and skeleton army. If you know they play the skeleton army, you can play it directly on the tower, but to drag the troops to the side, but the skeletons get killed in 2 seconds. If they play barbarians, it drags them to the side, and if they somehow clump the barbarians next to a building they play, I like to play a nice, old Valk! Just be careful of mega minion, the only way to counter him with tornado is to drag him behind the tower, so he can’t hit the hog. Read More »

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Thanks for reading this Top 5 Double Elixir Challenge Best Decks guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.