F2P Best Deck

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F2P Best Deck Push to Legendary Arena 

Hello my friends, It’s Hyp3rion here  and today I am going to show you the F2P Best Deck which will help you push to Arena 9 Without Legendary Legendary,pushing with Legendary cards is quite easy, especially with Miner, but, getting them is not easy at all. That’s why today, I am going to Top 3 Current best Clash Royale F2P Best Deck After september Update which can help you push to Legendary Arena with using a single Legendary card Ice wiz. F2P Best Deck

                   1. Giant Poison Deck Push to Arena 9+

Hello Beautifull Peoples,What’s up T-Rex here, and today, I will be talking about the Giant Poison Deck that has won me a couple of 100 player tourneys, and also help me maintain 3000+. The legendary in this deck is replaceable, but the playstyle will definitely change. Giant F2P Best Deck

F2P Best Deck

Giant will be your main pushing unit, and it always should be placed behind the King Tower when starting a counterpush. It is best that you use his slow speed to your advantage, as you will build up on elixir as he walks to the bridge.Poison is the perfect card to accompany your Giant, this spell melts Cannons, Princesses, Barbarians, Minions,etc when accompanied by support troops. Poison is like a cross between Arrows and Fireball, having the area of Arrows and having the damage of Fireball Read More »


              2. Hogs arena 9 Deck Push to legendary arena

Hey guys, today I am going to show you an outstanding and easy to use Hog+Firespirit+Ice wiz Hogs arena 9 deck which is rocking in Arena 9 at the moment as well as its working very well in Tournaments. Hogs arena 9 deck.This Deck is extremely popular in Clash Royale these days, that’s why today I want to talk a bit about it.This deck uses Hog Rider+Firespirit+Goblins as the main elements. Hog F2P Best Deck

F2P Best Deck

Hog Rider:It is obviously our main damage dealer in this Hogs arena 9 deck.Couple him with Skeletons to bypass buildings when needed. After a successful defense, you can place him right behind your Valkyrie and the Hog with push Valkyrie to the opponent’s Tower quickly, while the Valkyrie above is removing all small distractions.Fire Spirits: are another to a great degree helpful backing that you can use in practically every deck nowadays. These folks will help you effectively manage Barbarians and Minion Horde Read More »

                  3. Golem Deck Push to legendary Arena

The main focus of this Golem deck is to control your opponent with a barrage of hefty troops and punish them when they make a mistake. Play this deck patiently and you will have a guaranteed win  and  i actually wanted to throw the golem there because I honestly feel like the golem is gonna be pretty strong after the  balancing changes This deck I working very well in Tournaments. Golem F2P Best Deck

F2P Best Deck

Golem: The main pusher of this deck the rocky tank can push through all enemy defenses (except maybe inferno towers). Utilize this troops slow speed to your advantage and plan your attack. His best supports are the Furnace and the Tombstone which help take out pesky Minion Hoards and Barbarians as well as the occasional Inferno Tower. Only use this card during the x2 Elixir time otherwise you it will be very risky.


Hopefully you have found these Best Clash Royale Decks helpful! If you have any question, don’t hesitate to comment my friends.