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Hi Guys Today we are taking a look at Top 3 cheap Double Elixir Challenge Deck Which is best for Double Elixir Challenge Deck So many peoples having fun with decks they wouldn’t usually dare to use. These Decks are working well for many peoples I hope you will also like it let’s take look at this Cheap Double Elixir Challenge Deck

1. The Pressure Cheap Double Elixir Challenge Deck

Cheap Double Elixir Challenge Deck

The strenght of this deck is versatility. It can counter a wide range of decks as it can play in many ways.The most effective play is usually constant pressure. You can always attack with any combination in your hand, which scrambles a lot of slow decks plans forcing to play cards out of their combo. 

This also allows to create tons of different combinations. A fundamental rule is to exploit your troops to the max: always try to makeyour defense survive for a counterpush. Also you don’t have to worry about cards dedicated to defense or offense,They all fit in both situations and anyway you are always able to cycle in a blink.Any combo of Ice Spirit, Zap and Princess can instantly kill Minion Horde. Read More »


2. Best Miner Mini Pekka Cheap Double Elixir Challenge Deck

Cheap Double Elixir Challenge Deck

This deck has an average of 2.6 elixir. On offense, I usually use the miner and mini pekka combo. Deploying the mini pekka behind the tower then right after the mini pekka reaches the bridge I use the miner to pop out behind the enemy’s crown tower. By doing this, the tower will target the miner first and will give you bigger chance to let your mini pekka reaches the crown tower. If that happens, this will give a very large amount of damage to their tower. I also follow the mini pekka with either the goblins, minions or skeletons. This troops will help killing defensive troops and give hit to their tower. Read More »

3. Lightning Hog Cheap Double Elixir Challenge Deck

Cheap Double Elixir Challenge Deck

The main strategy for this deck is simple. Outside of the last 60 seconds you should mainly be concerned with defending whatever your opponent attacks you with and then going on counter attacks with the Hog or Princess. Inside of the last minute, you focus down your attack to a single lane.

By now, you should know how they will counter your Hog and this will dictate what card you will use with your Hog rider. For example, if they used a building or hard hitter such as mega minion, musketeer or mini-pekka, couple the Hog with a Lightning. If they use small cost units such as fire spirits or goblins, use the log. If they use minions units, send in the Hog with an Ice spirit and then hover the Zap. I generally have the most success by placing down the Hog right as double elixir starts and ready whatever card I am pairing it with. Read More »

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Thanks for reading this Top 3 Cheap Double Elixir Challenge Decks guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.