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              1. Giant Bowler Deck After August Update

Bowler  Deck ,Hey guys, today I am going to show you an outstanding and easy to use Giant Bowler deck which is rocking in Arena 9 at the moment.With the current balance update from Supercell, Bowler is now much more viable.Bowler Giant Deck, Lots of players in Arena 9 are using him and most decks from top players are utilizing this purple guy. The big buff. Bowler  Deck

Bowler Giant Deck

General Gameplan



Bowler: After the balance changes, Bowler now is one of the most popular cards in Clash Royale. With only 5 Elixir, you can easily stop almost any ground push. On defense, he can easily deal with Barbarians, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Ice Wizard, Witch, Wizard… bowler deck

If your opponent starts building a push, drop your Bowler right behind your Tower, due to his slow movement speed, he can easily deal with any push coming quickly. bowler deck

This deck is pretty easy to play. Focus on countering your opponent’s pushes then launch the counterpush with the survived troops. Bowler  Deck Read More….

                         2. Bowler  Prince Deck 


Hi guys, It’s Dexter(Moshin Ahmad) again and this time I am here to share an easy to use Bowler  Prince Deck I’ve been using recently. Bowler  Prince Deck  This deck is pretty decent against the current Royal Giant Hog meta,Playing both lanes allows you to also catch your opponent off guard. Hopefully this deck will work out well for all you Bowler lovers Bowler Deck 

Bowler Deck

General Gameplan


Prince: The Prince received a nice buff in the previous update, thus making him viable, again. The Prince’s damage is critical. Pairing it with the Bowler is needed. This will let you acquire a bigger chance to reach a targeted tower. bowler deck

Once your elixir reaches 10, place your Elixir Collector behind a Crown Tower. Usually, enemies will take this as a chance to make an epic push. To deal with a horde of ground units, place your bowler deck

Bowler behind your crown tower. Utilize the Princess if air units were dropped. There is a great chance that they will counter your Princess immediately. If this happens, drop your Fire Spirits to deal with this pesky air troops. Bowler  Deck Read More….. 


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                 3. Mini Pekka Bowler deck for Arena 8 and 9


Bowler giant deck Recently I have gotten a pack of Bowlers from the Super Magical Chest so I chose to try this deck out. Since yesterday, I have been getting a great deal of accomplishment with this deck and getting various 3 crown wins in Arena 9. bowler deck

bowler deck

General Gameplan


Bowler + Giant is such a crazy and intense combo which has more than 5000 HP. Could you folks bring this combo down effortlessly? Unless you have a very much secured Inferno Tower! Additionally, the Bowler supplements the Giant amazingly well! 

Bowler can without much of a stretch dispose of risk, for example, Goblins, Barbarians and in addition push back substantial hitters, for example, the Mini P.E.K.K.A. bowler deck

The primary shortcoming of this deck is the Minion Horde. So as to manage them, it’s prescribed to utilize Arrows, rather than Fireball or Zap. Zap is insufficient to 1 hit Minion Horde and Fireball costs more Elixir than Arrows. 

Since this deck is quite feeble against air decks, air-focusing on cautious building is an unquestionable requirement. You can utilize either Tesla or Inferno Tower, yet because of the Average Elixir Cost, it’s ideal to utilize the Tesla in this deck. bowler deck Read More…..


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