Best Inferno Dragon decks

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Top 3 Best Inferno Dragon Decks For Arena 6+

Hi Guys, Hyp3rion here and Today we are talking about Top 3 Best Inferno Dragon Decks For Arena 6+,Inferno Dragon is the new Legendary Card in Clash Royale.The Inferno Dragon can be most aptly characterized as a control card. It’s low cost mixed with it’s extremely high damage, especially against tanks, allows it to be very versatile in terms of defense and offense.Let’s Take look on These Top 3 Best Inferno Dragon Decks For Arena 6+

          1. Lava Hound Best Inferno Dragon Deck For Arena 8+

Hi Guys Whats up CoolMoose here and Today i am going to show you Lava Hound Inferno Dragon Deck I was lucky (maybe, would’ve preferred a miner / ice wizard) enough to receive two inferno dragons today (one in a legendary chest bought in the store, another in a legendary chest found on ladder). Best Inferno Dragon Decks

Best Inferno Dragon Decks

This deck is incredibly easy to use. Simply pump to  build an elixir advantage, defend with Mega Minion / Minions/ mini pekka / sometimes inferno dragon. Best Inferno Dragon Decks


Play well beginning game. Use ID conservatively until you know their deck cycle/tanks. Always support it with mega minion at the very least, ideally baby dragon. At the 1 minute mark, this deck gets crazy. I’ve had 2 ID’s, 3 baby drags, and 2 mega minions on the field at once. If they don’t have solid anti air, it gets very easy to keep air units there and just keep piling on. Read More »

                2. Giant ft Inferno Dragon Deck Push to Arena 9

HI Guys UnknownNation-YT here and today i am going to show you Giant ft Inferno Dragon Deck Push to Arena 9 So I’ve been messing around with the Inferno Dragon and found this to be an amazing deck! I am using a lvl 6 Giant at 3400 trophies and it is working GREAT! So this must be a great deck right? hope you guys improve it, it will help me as well! I have faced opponents with cards MUCH HIGHER than mine! really hope it works for you lucky inferno dragon users! Best Inferno Dragon Decks

Best Inferno Dragon Decks

My level 6 Giant was performing amazing at 3400!!! My “Giant” push consists of Giant in front, I usually put a mini pekka or lumberjack behind it to take care of ground units, fire spirits to help take out barbs, minions, goblins, and anything that will distract the inferno dragon. If you get the ice spirit to the tower, your units can do INSANE damage. Read More »

                   3. Sparkey+Giant Inferno Dragon Cycle Deck

Hi Guys, CynicalCyndaquil here and Recently I made it to Legendary Arena after floating in frozen peak since the update. I bought a legendary chest from the store, hoping for an ice wizard to add to my mortar deck, but I got the inferno drag.

I used it in a few friendly battles in my clan and I was very disappointed. It was countered easily, and really didn’t help much. I made this Giant Inferno Dragon Deck, and after getting used to it I found a lot of success. I eventually went 11-1-1 to make it from ~2700 into the legendary arena for the first time. Best Inferno Dragon Decks

Best Inferno Dragon Decks

The deck is more defensive, so you often want to allow the oponent to go first. If they don’t go a good push to draw zap is spear gobs and ice spirt. if they drop a tank in the back use sparky. witch is one of the best counters to inferno drag and sparky so if you get the chance a rocket that hits the witch and the tower or another troop is always a win Best Inferno Dragon Decks

Its a really good deck, and it plays different but its very fun and surprisingly good. I probably did not write this up so well because I am not good at writing. Read More »


If you have questions about the deck put them in the comments and i will answer them as best i can