Best Clone Spell Deck

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Hi Guys Best Clone Spell Deck here 1-Lava Hound Best Clone Spell Deck 2-Golem Clone Spell Deck For Arena 8+ 3-Giant Best Clone Spell Deck for arena 9 which is working very well in arena 8+ so As you know about this spell can cast the Clone Spell anywhere on the map. It doesn’t clone the enemy units. clone spell will be you main win condition use this at right time clone can be used in very creative ways similar to how our tornado has very unique abilities like how it can force a hard to activate the King’s tower this spell has a lot of potential so let’s take a look on these Best Clone Spell Deck 

1. Lava Hound Clone Spell Deck Arena 8+

Best Clone Spell Deck

The main tank of the deck.Drop him down in the corner or behind the tower when he reaches at the bridge Give him back with archers or Mega Minions It works really well against Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, and Inferno Dragon. if these are targeting your hound If  Opponent try to Push from other lane then simply drop tomstone it will take care about hogs and soupporting troop and You have to use Clone on Lava Hound is also a very. Once the Lava Hound is locked on the Tower, clone it! The clone unit have only 1 HP, meaning it will die pretty fast, splitting into Lava Pups while the real Lava Hound is still soaking damage Read More »

2. Golem Clone Spell Deck For Arena 8+

Best Clone Spell Deck

I am Not Going To Explain Each and Every card Because this deck has drived from my golem lighting deck If you want to learn how each and every card works Take a look at Here So The basic game plan is rather simple. Generate a golem push and put pressure on opponent. Basically brute force the opponent until they breaks. A golem push is costly to make and also costly to defend due to the extremely high health of Golem. The key here is to commit just enough and the timing of the push. While the push is pretty straight forward the major difficulty of playing this deck is how to defend an opponent rush when you deploy your golem or with golem clotting your hand. Read More »


3Giant Best Clone Spell Deck

Best Clone Spell Deck

The deck has multiple win conditions. But the most efficient way I use it is to make a huge push on one side to overpower the enemy. This usually starts with my Giant at the back with Musketeer, zap, Mega Minion at the ready to counter anything they throw at me.

Giant Clone Spell Deck on Offense: The main damage factors in this deck are the Giant+Clone+Any Supporting Troops. Once I have established control and made some positive elixir trades, The best part about carrying the Fire Ball is that you only have to get the tower With 3 musketeers, catching wizard + crown tower, catching elixir pump + troop + crown tower. Read More »

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Once Again Thanks for reading this Best Clone Spell Deck ! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.