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Hi guys What’s up today we are taking a look at Top 10 Epic Challenge Decks These decks are perfect to get 9 wins in Epic Challenge as You know This special challenge will be available to play from 14 April It’s called the epic challenges because you will win Only epic cards from This Challenge as One Time rewards In Epic Challenge Max Win Is 9 and if  will reached at 9 wins You will get Total 18 Epic cards + 9 wins Epic Challenge Chest which will give you 1000 Coins and 60 Cards  For More Info take a look at This page So come and take a look at this Epic Challenge Decks Guide

1. Battle Ram Poison Miner Deck

Epic Challenge Decks

Hi Guys Md Aaqib Back with new Guide This time i bring Battle Ram Poison Miner Deck which is orignally played by Yarn (from Orange Juice)Recently he posted a Video(below the post) on Battle Ram Poison Miner Deck which he used to get 12 Wins in Grand Challenge after watching his video I tried this Battle Ram Poison Miner Deck in challenges but I was not playing very good with this deck but after some time i won 2 classic Challenge and 1 grande challange,This deck relies on the 6 minutes of overtime to slowly but surely chip out your opponent while having a solid defense. Beware that this deck takes A LOT of skill to play properly. It needs near perfect play to be at its fullest potential Continue Reading »

2. Lava Balloon Epic Challenge Decks

Lava Hound Balloon Deck

Hi everybody, it’s Riddle and I’m back with another Lava Hound Balloon Deck for grand challenge. Instead of playing my dirty defensive mortar/xbow decks I decided to go for something different because siege isn’t working very well in this meta.


This deck is not mine, it was suggested by a clanmate who copied it from the global leaderboards, it’s a fairly popular deck and shows up on TV royale quite often.I prefer to use Lavaloon instead of other tanky decks because LH is my favorite tank to play and it’s also easier to win with in this meta.

This deck is very easy to use since it’s a beatdown deck, and it’s slightly OP not so much because of the hound but for two other reasons – First, people don’t run enough air defense and second, megaminion as always gives a huge boost to LH decks Continue Reading »

3. Golem Lightning Epic Challenge Decks

Golem Lightning Deck

Hey guys, Byrne14 it’s been a fairly long time since I’ve made a post about a Golem Lightning Deck but seeing as I just hit 4k trophies as a level 10 (not quite the same accomplishment it used to be but still pretty awesome), I figured it was time to make one.

This is a Golem Lightning Deck that you have all surely seen, or at least a variation of it. I believe it to be one of the stronger decks in the meta right now and I anticipate that it’s popularity will continue to grow. So let’s go card by card, starting with the most important Continue Reading »

4. Bowler Graveyard Deck

Bowler Graveyard Freeze Deck

Hi guys  RelevantIAm here and today i am going to show Bowler Graveyard Freeze Deck hat got me to 4184 as a level 10 + This deck has so many meta card which is rocking in arena 10 The main strategy of this Bowler Graveyard Freeze Deck is to defend first and to use the survived troops on counterpush, coupling with the Graveyard.Executioners Bowler are used here as mini tanks While they are soaking damage coming from the tower, the Graveyard unleashes tons of damage. so guys come and take a quick look at this Bowler Graveyard Freeze Deck guide Continue Reading »

5. Miner Goblin Gang Log Bait Deck

Goblin Gang Log Bait Deck

Hi guys Dexter here I reached Legendary Arena at tournament standard with this Goblin Gang Log Bait Deck I am very proud to say that I have hit Legendary Arena this deck (3045 now and still climbing!) and I am still Free-to-Play player! My card levels are 10/8/4/2.This deck relies on the 6 minutes of overtime to slowly but surely chip out your opponent while having a solid defense This Goblin Gang Contro/Chip is a very versatile deck where you can use all cards for both offense and defense.so come and take a look  for this Continue Reading »

6. Miner Lava Hound Clone Deck

Lava Hound Clone Deck

Hi Guys What’s Dexter Here and Today I am Going To Show You Lava Hound Mega Minion Clone Deck Which Is Working well For me In Tournaments I Found This deck after watching Chief Pat most recent Video Which he makes on Lava Hound Clone Deck I am very glad to see his video how he played this deck i will recommended you to watch his video bleow the post Just i am Going To Show you how i used this in challanges so take a look on this Lava Hound Clone Deck guide Continue Reading »

7. Bowler Graveyard Control Deck 

Graveyard Control Deck

Hi Guys Timelapze here I am a very new level 11in the 4300-4400 range. I am the leader of “Doom 2000” which is currently the top clan from a family of clans “Clan of Doom.” Shout out to Alan and Tommy. I am a Mathematician by education and a student of the game. Graveyard Control Deck

I have had a series of recent posts centered around Graveyard decks since release. After many challenges and reaching my peak trophy high of nearly 4400 breaking my previous record of 4300, which was from Log Rider Deck (Check out Here), I can confidently say that this deck is robust and very powerful. so let’s Take a look on this Guide Continue Reading »

8. Pompeyo Balloon Freeze Ice Golem Deck 

Balloon Freeze Deck

Place down 2 or 3 Pump on the map and Your main offensive combo would be Ice Golem+Balloon If your opponent makes his First move with elite barbas the feel free to to use Ice Golem even though he is apart of your main push.

You are playing Against Miner horde Player and your opponent starts off with an aggressive Miner Minion Horde combo, ignore the Miner and take out the horde with  Ice Golem+Zap and push the other side with Ice Golem+Balloon or Balloon+Mega Minion. They won’t have a enough Elixir and a strong counter to the Balloon and will lose a tower. This would be beneficial to you as you can either defend for the rest of the battle or you can pressure them on the other tower Continue Reading »


9. Lava Hound Balloon Lighting Deck

Lava Hound Balloon Lighting Deck

The Lava Hound Balloon Lighting Deck gameplan is simple First you have to down tomstone as a defensive building and once the tombstone is already down  then  drop the Hound in the corner once 10 elixir is reached. I prefer right side Corner because i am right handed. But if you’re left handed, please feel free to use the left corner as well. Once it hits the bridge, support with Mega Minion on the outside. Keep lightning at the ready for inferno towers or Traget three troops Continue Reading »

10. Electro Bowler Deck

Electro Graveyard Bowler Deck

what’s up everyone this is orange juice i use the ton of decks but this one is my favorite one to use during the electric wizard challenge it’s the deck that I had the most fun playing a deck pompeyo used to get his electric wizard to max level one of the most common index that we ran into was the mirrored furnace zap a deck that multi mate really popular during the electric wizard challenge this deck has an answer to every card in that deck but one miss plates app could cost an entire tower so here is my Guide Continue Reading »  

Clash Royale Gtroops       Clasg Royale Gtroops

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