Three Musketeers Ram Rider Deck

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Hi Guys Three Musketeers Ram Rider Deck  Today I will Show you Three Musketeers Ram Rider Deck for ladder and Grand Challenges. Ram Rider is new legendary card which is very powerfull in current meta and maybe In January Balance Changes Ram Rider will get nerfed and Ram Rider is vert good with Three Musketeers and Pekka So come and take a look at some Best Ram Rider Decks

Three Musketeers Ram Rider Deck

Three Musketeers Ram Rider Deck Arena 10+



Three Musketeers deck is an aggressive deck so you’ll want to take out their towers as quick as possible and defend the rest of the time.

In the beginning, Pump up if you are sure you can defend their pushes

We Have Hunter in this Deck and we all know that Hunter is an extremely versatile defensive units, he your key card to use when you need kill heavier units like lava Hound, golem or giant. 

In December balance changes the elixir pump has got nerf and can no longer appear in your starting hand still this is a poerfull deck in current meta and Grand Challenges. Three musketeers and elixir both synergies very well together because they both act as spell bait cards,

during single elixir you should use the musketeers to bait out the spell so you can play the pump, and during double elixir you should play the pump to bait out the spell so you can use the musketeers

Ice golem and Ram Rider can both be used to kite troops away from your towers and into the range of the opposite tower buying you more time to shut down their push.

You have two options, either go really aggressive before 2x Elixir or survive till 2x Elixir and use your Ram Rider, Bats, Bandit and Barb Barrel to chip down their towers while using 3M for defense.

Against such decks, baiting out their Zap and/or Log is crucial because just a Bats+Ram Rider push can take out a Tower.

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So that’s it, try this Three Musketeers Ram Rider Deck once and let me know how far you reached.For the best tips for Ram Rider Draft challenge, please take a look Clash Royale Ram Rider Draft Challenge Guide