Three Musketeers PEKKA Deck

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Three Musketeers PEKKA  Deck


Three Musketeers PEKKA  Deck,Hey friends, Hyp3rion  back with another deck. So after the update and playing in some random tournaments I got sick and tired of playing against Bowler Giant so I tried to craft an anti-meta deck against the giant! Anyways I felt with P.E.K.K.A buffed, being unable to get knocked back from bowler, and generally good against Giants I built the deck around her. Next up with any P.E.K.K.A deck you need to choose your back line. So after being inspired by dexter, I decided to rock it out with 3 Musketeers. Following up with Baby Dragon / Barbarians as secondary tank, and Princess, Ice Spirit, Zap, Elixir Collector, as support cards.  So without for her a do lets just into the deck,Three Musketeers PEKKA  Deck



Three Musketeers PEKKA Deck


Card Gameplay


P.E.K.K.A: I feel there hasn’t been to many good P.E.K.K.A decks besides PPPP, and being super underrated in both ladder and tournament I wanted to give her a try. Like I mentioned earlier with her recent buff, being immune to knockback from Bowler, and being pretty effective against Giant I decided to give her a try. In this deck P.E.K.K.A is mainly used for setting up your pushes and being the big tank to protect your Musketeer. Set her in the back and let her slowly walk up. Generally, I like putting her into the weaker lane so she can defend and then counter push.Three Musketeers PEKKA  Deck


Three Muskteer: Even though this is a P.E.K.K.A deck I feel the Three Muskies are really your number one win condition. Having not touched this card until recently I never realized the amazing split push they offer. Split them either behind the king tower, in front of the king tower, in the middle or even at the river depending the situation. Always try to have a tank like Baby Dragon or P.E.K.K.A to tank for the Musketeers.Three Musketeers PEKKA  Deck


Ice Spirit: Probably one of the best cards in the game right now. Always vouching for the strength of the Ice Spirit. For only 1 elixir you can cycle your deck, freeze for 2 seconds and can be used on defense and offensive.Three Musketeers PEKKA  Deck


Princess: Princess as the only legendary in the deck offers great versatility and support. Set her in the back and build up your push. Also great at baiting out Miners so your Elixir Pumps will go unharmed. During double elixir drop her more aggressively in the front middle so she can offer support to the split lane push.Three Musketeers PEKKA  Deck


Barbarians: Now as mentioned previously Barbarians are one of the cards I am unsure of.  I tested Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A and Knight in this slot. I found these alternatives worked better at protecting your pumps, but didn’t offer the capitalize factor you can do if the enemy does a bad Poison / Fireball.Three Musketeers PEKKA  Deck


Baby Dragon: So this is actually the second card I’m not too sure of. But, I really love the baby dragon for a couple reasons. With the recent buff she doesn’t gimp out as much anymore. Also in this meta game I feel a lot of decks don’t have too much answer to air.Three Musketeers PEKKA  Deck


Elixir Collector: With the deck running a average elixir of 4.5 an Elixir Collector is a must for this deck. The one struggle that I am still unsure of is not having a great Elixir Collector defense against Miners. Which is why I generally will position my Elixir Collector in the middle so I can use my Ice Spirit and arena towers to protect it.Three Musketeers PEKKA  Deck


Zap: Gotta have one of the best spells in the game. Not much to say about zap. Use it to protect your Musketeers from cheap troops like goblins. Or use it to reset that scary Inferno Tower or Sparky shot. A well time Zap, can give you those extra Musketeer shots to win you the game.Three Musketeers PEKKA  Deck


General Game Plan:


Ideally you want to get your Elixir Collector down as your first play to gauge what your opponent is running, following up next is to protect your Elixir Collectors. If you don’t have a Pump in hand, you can either cycle with Ice Spirits or open with a backline Princess and let your opponents make the first move. Starting off with a Three Musketeer split right at the start can work too, but you will only be able to afford using your Baby Dragon and Ice Spirit to assist them.Three Musketeers PEKKA  Deck

Generally you want 1 Pump down and running to get the general split push up. Once you have a pump set up, drop P.E.K.K.A in the back behind the king tower. Then once it reaches the arena tower you will have enough to split your Three Musketeers in front of your king tower. The preferred split I enjoy doing is 1 behind the P.E.K.K.A and 2 into the other lane. Just as the 2 Musketeers reach the bridge you will have enough for a Baby Dragon to tank for them. Now this is where the utility cards Ice Spirit and Zap come into play. Put / use them accordingly based on what your opponent does. During Double Elixir you’ll be able to setup this same push with the added assistance of Princess and even Barbarians.Three Musketeers PEKKA  Deck

If the opponent plays a bad Fireball / Poison make sure your capitalize as much as you can with either the Barbarians or Three Musketeers. When you are able to take one tower down you can do the quick cheese Three Musketeer and Ice Spirit drop on the enemy sides of the map. This can catch some people off guard, as they will panic drop a troop and that troop will most likely get frozen. At times doing this quick tactic can net you an easy second tower.Three Musketeers PEKKA  Deck


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