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Hello  Three Musketeers Heal Deck , my name is Lakithunde, and today I’ll be giving you a guide on my Three Musketeers Heal Deck that got me to 4.3k within a very short period of time, This is f2p Three Musketeers Heal Deck because no legendaries or epics are used. We’ll be covering cards, type of archetype, how to play, and countering popular archetypes so come and take a look at this Three Musketeers Heal Deck guide

Three Musketeers Heal Deck

Three Musketeers Heal Deck Card Roles:

Battle Ram(8) – Rapidly becoming one of my favorite cards in the game. Great as a Lightning Rod for 3M, better at bating Fireball, awesome as a secondary win condition, and complements the Heal Spell nicely. Add it behind Valk and you’re gonna be brimming with 3 crowns(if they don’t have Horde, that is). If you know they have a golem with one lane, b-ram with split Goblin Gang in the other.

Heal(7) -the main card! I use this to heal any swarms for a massive counterpush; don’t heal immediately but rather wait until you’ve baited out their Zap. If they ignore your Battle Ram, make sure to heal the Barbarians; they’ll take out the tower quickly. Same with Horde; if Zapped, heal that. If your 3M get fireballed, HEAL IT. I keep this at a low level because as top ladder matches have shown, it’s one of the few cards that isn’t entirely level-dependent after tourney standard. Don’t heal troops with too little HP, like Skeletons, and don’t heal high HP troops, like Valkyrie.


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3 Muskets(9) – Primary Win Condition.I know these too are slightly overleveled, but I speak for all 3M users when I say, overleveled fireballs aren’t fun either. Or facing Lightning and Fireball in the same deck.

Skeletons(9) – The Doots are used in this deck mainly as cycle units, although they also do a decent job at defending against Miner, Musketeer, and placed right, can defend against Wizard and other Splashers(don’t do this on a Valkyrie, please). I recommend splitting them so that you can see what cards your opponent has.

Zap(11) – it’s Zap. Arrows works better, defensively, but if you want the offensive edge, use Zap. This is because Zap is quick and a reactive spell, and you can respond to any swarm quicker. However, Arrows is generally safer to use, as it does decent damage and sometimes this deck will have a hard time against a Horde behind a tank.

Goblin Gang – Yes, I use the Gang. It’s simply just too versatile right now as a swarm unit. Usually I pair this with the Battle Ram to try and give it a starting boost before it “rams” the tower. It’s also good at baiting zap, or even better, arrows. They’re one of your primary defenses against Ebarbs and Hog.

Minion Horde(11) – In the higher arenas, it’s important to keep your Horde at a high level, as many times they might have a level 12, or even 13 Zap to counteract your horde. Use this as a defense against LavaLoon once you’ve hardpushed the other lane. Heal it if necessary.

Valkyrie(9) – She might be a little overleveled. But that’s because anyone who knows me knows that Valk is my favorite card and I’ve pretty much been requesting her for awhile. I use her over Knight roughly 80% of the time, becausefor 4 elixir, I can get pretty much a higher HP, higher damage tank. I lose a bit of DPS but I get the Splash DamageShe can counter ebarbs and act as rocket bait. She crushes Graveyard.

This is a heavy control deck. It has an average elixir cost of 3.9, meaning that you will have to manage your elixir REALLY well and make sure that you do not overinvest in one lane(it will be very punishing).

Heal is the main part of the control deck; it will heal your support so you can counterpush with your ram/valk. It will be kind of expensive but defend until x2 elixir.

Three Musketeers Heal Deck eneral Gameplan

Mainly just defend until 2x elixir. If you bait out their fireball without using 3M, then place the 3M in the back. Use Valk or Bram to support your lone Musket. If you know they have a low HP swarm to counter it, then be sure to hover your Zap.

They might use Barbarians, so clean up those Barbs with a Horde. If they arrow that, use Goblin Gang or Skeletons to clean up the Barbs. Timing is key! If they Zap your Horde, then heal that Horde and watch their tower go from 2786 HP to 1200. Heal is deadly if played right and quick.

If you don’t know whether or not they have a Fireball, split your 3M IN FRONT OF THE TOWER. That way if they rocket it, you’ll be ready. Also be sure to hover a Battle Ram on top of the 3M; Lightning is a popular spell and you don’t want your 9 elixir push to go down because of 6.

Once 2x elixir time starts rolling, put a Ram or a Valk in the back. At the bridge, drop your other tank and/or 3M if your elixir is ready and your Skellies are out of rotation. Then hover your Zap and watch your opponent’s defenses crumble. And if you’re sure that they have no high damage spells, heal those troops for dramatic effect.

How to counter popular archetypes

  1. Graveyard Poison: Valk should counter this nicely and counterpush with the Ram.
  2. Hog Decks: Use Horde to kill the Hog. There’s a high chance they’ll fireball the Horde afterwards, giving you time to use your 3M.
  3. Giant Decks: Kinda hard but doable. Use your Valk to take out the Support and your Gang to take out the Giant. If they arrow that then use the Horde.
  4. Miner Decks: Doots can take out the Miner. Same with Gang.
  5. Zap Bait: Valk is the underrated counter to Zap Bait, along with Knight. Use her to take out any swarms and counterpush with the Ram.
  6. LavaLoon: If you do this right then you’re guaranteed a 3-crown. Hardpush the other lane the MOMENT you see that Loon/Lava on the map. Use Ram, Valk-Whatever. Just push down that lane so that they expend elixir. Then clean up the Loon/Lava with Minion horde

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Shared by Lakithunde

A really fun Three Musketeers Heal Deck that utilizes the Heal Spell, it’s Heavy Control with medium risk, high reward. It helped me get to 4.3k; I hope it can help you too!