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Three Musketeer+Payfecta Deck Arena 7+

Hi Guys What’s up, the Payfecta Deck I used to reach legendary arena. I am an F2p player (who is, very recently, enticed to buy the arena 9 value pack),who found both the princess and the miner on a free chest, and I bought the ice wiz from the shop.

This is a three musketeer Payfecta Deck,that punishes small mistakes, and oversight. This plays similar to other miner control Payfecta Deck.Use the miner to tank for other troops. This Payfecta Deck takes advantage of the decreasing usage of valkyrie, and the prevalence of inferno. This deck plays mind games to your opponent, as you can pressure both lanes at the same time. Payfecta Deck

Payfecta Deck

Payfecta Deck Card Role:

Three Musketeer – The main win condition.It Can demolish towers at a fast rate, but takes 9 elixir to use, three musketeer is useful at playing mind games. Very useful, as it can push both lanes at once. Although this is the main win condition, I also use them as defense, in this giant meta, along with the ice wiz. Except for few certain scenarios, almost always split them. Payfecta Deck


Miner – The second win condition.This card is also the main tank for this deck. unless I have no better option, and unless my opponent has multiple pumps set-up, I seldom use this card to attack pumps. Main use is to distract troops and towers for my other cards to attack the tower.

Elixir Collector – My win condition support. Once I got even one of these, my push can gain two extra elixirs, which is a lot. This could also be used to cycle cards faster, and is in general, a good card to play when there is no other card available.

Ice wizard – My main defensive card. This can be used to lure Mini Pekkas and kill them. Because of this card, I can use three musketeers to kill tanks, instead of the barb. Can also act as a very, very decent support for a single musketeer.

Barbarian – My defensive support card.Nothing really needs to be said about barbs. Barbs + ice wiz can kill almost any push. This card can counter push really well using this deck. E.g. Opponent has a push of Hog + musketeer. Kills both with minimal damage. Opponent summons a bomber to kill the barbs. Immediately place miner on the predicted bomber and kills it. Miner tanks for the barbs and barbs deals serious damage to tower.

Princess – This is overall the best legendary there is. As of all legendaries this one is provides great value, and requires opponents to react to it.Destroys cheap troops. Princess’ use for this deck is her usual role. However, another role the princess has is to lure poison and fireballs for a +1 trade, and keeps them out of mind for a cycle in order to use three musketeer.

Zap – Zap is an overall good counter to many cards, and has additional utility for miner decks, as zap can cause the tower to retarget the miner, instead the musk. This way, even musketeers with low HP becomes a very legitimate target, requiring response from the opponent, thus building an even better elixir advantage.

Poison – The main spell of the deck. Really usefull in killing small troops, and slowing the attack of many decks. Any spell can be placed here, but the poison is the best spell overall, and that’s why It’s the one I use.

How to play this Payfecta Deck:

This deck is a control Payfecta Deck.You must play reactively to your opponents play, gain a significant advantage, before you start a push. A great example is the one used above, using the Hog + musketeer. Build elixir advantages using the barb, princess, and ice wiz, then counterpush using miner tanking for the other troops, then place Pump.

This forces your opponent to spend more elixir, while playing only miner as a support, and will build an even bigger advantage. Payfecta Deck

Don’t be afraid to take damage on your crown towers, as long as it provides you with an elixir advantage. E.g. Opponent plays barb + hog. Instead of defending with barb + ice wiz, defend with ice wiz + princess. Hogs will still be able to get off two or three hits, but you gain a 3 elixir advantage + a low health ice wiz and full health princess.

On double elixir period, you can play three musketeer freely. Use barbs exclusively for defense. You can also use three musketeer as defense, but still, place it so that they will split after defending.

You can also play musketeer early. This makes your opponent worry of the three musketeer, while using barbs and other troops for pressure to the opponent, attacking your opponent psychologically if he will use his fireball/poison/valk to counter the barbs, or conserve it for three musketeers. However, more often than not, I play it late, where it has a surprise factor, and very hard to kill once I have multiple pumps.


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