Ice Wizard Guide

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Ice Wizard Guide Introduction

The Ice Wizard is a legendary unlockable from Arena 5. He is an one of the best cards on defense, and with it’s slowing effect and splash, it is great against swarms. The Ice Wizard has quite a bit of HP, and can survive a Fireball/Poison, easily. The Ice Wizard, while low in damage, can deal quite a bit depending on his placement. Ice Wizard Guide

Ice Wizard Guide

“This chill caster throws Ice Shards that slow down enemies’ movement and attack speed. Despite being freezing cold, he has a handlebar mustache that’s too hot for TV.”

Cost Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Type Rarity
3 1.5 secs Medium 1 sec 5.5 Air & Ground Troop Legendary



Level Hitpoints Area Damage Damage Per Second
1 665 63 42
2 731 69 46
3 804 76 50
4 884 83 55
5 970 91 60

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Defensive Strategy
  • Offensive Strategy
  • How to Counter
  • Useful Information
  • Decks
  • Conclusion

Ice Wizard Guide Defensive Strategy

  1. On neutral ground, the Ice Wizard counters skelly army (depends on placement), (Spear) Goblins, Minions, Minion Horde, Fire Sprits, Archers and Skeletons.
  2. On defense with your archer tower support, the Ice Wizard will counter mega minion, Knight and Miner pretty much placed anywhere.
  3. Ice wizard can counter barbs if placed almost at the center of your side of the arena[1], to kite. Possibly 1 barb hit on your tower
  4. Placed similar to barb counter placement[1], he will counter valk, bowler, dark prince, mini pekka (if he hasn’t crossed the bridge yet) and can reduce most, if not all Prince damage.
  5. It’s slow effect will reduce sparky charge time even more, allowing your other troops to get more hits. (Sparky charge time goes from 5 secs to 6.75 secs)
  6. Make slow troops even slower with his freeze effect.
  7. Tower + Ice Wizard will kill Giant Skeleton, Wizards, Witches, and Musketeers
  8. See a princess? No problem! IW will kill the princess and probably/possibly cheap troops (ie skarmy) meant to defend the princess, while not taking any damage on your tower.
  9. Princess targeted on your tower will manage 2 shots before the IW kills it, if it’s a reaction play
  10. Decent counter to Furnace chip damage. Slow movement speed combined with the ability to kill Fire Spirits without taking damage will kill most Fire Spirits, and get some damage done to the Furnace before he dies.
  11. Will counter bowler with help of your archer tower, and prevent any damage if you play it correctly. See [2] for good placement

Ice Wizard Guide Offensive Strategy

  1. The Ice Wizard shines on defensive, but can be used on the offensive
  2. Playing a tank? Throw a Ice Wizard behind it to quickly kill skarmy and minion (horde) if placed badly
  3. The Horde will probably still do a lot of damage in the time it takes to get killed by the Ice Wizard, so other cards are recommended.
  4. Allow your tank to get more hits with the slower attack speed of their tower/defense!
  5. Will chip over 250 damage on their tower if uncountered
  6. Can be used as a tank if you want other troops to chip (ie spear goblins)
  7. Zap + 1 Ice Wizard hit kills Minion (Horde) at Tournament Standards
  8. Fireball + 2 Ice Wizard hits kill barbs at tournament standards (1 IW hit leaves barbs at 1 HP)
  9. Often stays alive on defense, allowing it to be a good addition to your counter-push

Ice Wizard Guide How to Counter 

  1. The Ice Wizard is easy to counter when on your side
  2. Dropping a skarmy on top will kill it, because of it’s non 360 degree splash
  3. Most troops that Ice Wizard can counter on defense with the help of the archer tower will lose those battles without the tower
  4. Skeletons place on top will stall the IW enough time to die from the archer tower
  5. Lightning level 2 will counter IW up to level 2, and a level 6 lightning is needed to counter max IW

Useful Information About Ice Wizard Guide

  1. The slowing effect, which reduces attack speed and movement speed by 35%, lasts for 2 seconds
  2. While the Ice Wizard will significantly slow a charging prince, he still does double damage
  3. Ice Wizard vs Ice Wizard without additional support will create one of the most painful to watch battles in the game

Ice Wizard Decks

  1. Hog+Firespirit+Ice wiz Deck Push to legendary
  2. Anti meta Ice Wizard 3 musketeers Deck
  3. Cheap Ice Wiz Hog Deck Push to Arena 9
  4. Sparky Ice Wiz Deck For Arena 9: Sparknado

Ice Wizard Guide Conclusion

All in all, the Ice Wizard is an amazing defensive card that counters possibly most of the cards in the game, while living for a counter push and can give you amazing value. 

See anything I missed? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to this guide.

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Good luck, and I hope this Ice Wizard Guide helped you! Shared by DarkStarFTW