Cycle deck

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Cheap Cycle deck Push to arena 9

Hi Guys What’s up Handsome_Claptrap Here and I am going to show you guys  The Pressure Cycle deck that got me to arena 9,No Epics, No Legendaries in this deck,It is an Pretty good  Deck For Tournament and Right now its Working well in Arena 9 let’s check it out this cheap Cheap Cycle deck

Cycle deck

Cheap Cycle deck

Valk: The Valk is the bulk of your defense and offense. She can clear supports and be a minitank in defense and offense. you can’t be switched it 

Mini Pekka: MIni Pekka is your main source of damage in both offense and defense. Very versatile, use it to take down single support troops, tanks and protect him in your push. Try LJ in place of him if you have it, i don’t have him.


Musketeer or Archer: Musketeer or Archer mainly i used in defense.Don’t make a push with them unless specific sitations. Also useful when a tower is down to quickdrop in the middle of the arena. Musketeer is safer but she slows down the cycle.Archers are more effective against minions though.

Goblins:secondary source of damage. Use to take down tanks, stop mini pekka and princes and use them behind a Valk in offense. Minions can be used to, they have many pros but they also have less DPS and can’t stop a minipekka.

Barrel: My Main Win Condition and surprise card.Analyze the opponent deck for a while, then throw it at the best possible moment. Also useful for emergency defense. Miner works too with a different role. You can try to swap this card with Elixir Collector for fast cycling and put tons of them down.

Ice Spirit: Use this card on defense to defend against any push, on offense with the hog to deal chip damage and against minions + zap to completely kill them. Use it to defend your pump from miners

Zap:  Use it on defense and offense when needed,Use it against cheap troops, sparky, to reset any troop’s animation, etc. Paired with ice spirit it can take out princess and minions even if they are higher level

Fire Spirits: damage burst for ala purposes, quick counter to barbs, minions and great support for Mini Pekka. Currently i’m using Princess instead of them, she has pros and cons.

Cheap Cycle deck GamePlan

The strenght of this deck is versatility. It can counter a wide range of decks as it can play in many ways.The most effective play is usually constant pressure. You can always attack with any combination in your hand, which scrambles a lot of slow decks plans forcing to play cards out of their combo. Cheap Cycle deck

This also allows to create tons of different combinations. A fundamental rule is to exploit your troops to the max: always try to makeyour defense survive for a counterpush. Also you don’t have to worry about cards dedicated to defense or offense,They all fit in both situations and anyway you are always able to cycle in a blink.Any combo of Ice Spirit, Zap and Princess can instantly kill Minion Horde. Cheap Cycle deck

Ice Spirit + Valk can easily shut down barbs with modest damage to the Valk. More effective with a support Princess/Fire Spirits/Gobs/Archers/Zap.Against certain decks, you can just start with a ranged troop in the back, add a Valk as mini tank then add DPS support and Ice Spirit and if it is the right moment throw the Barrel. Cheap Cycle deck


Cheap Cycle deck Mainly weakness: control chip decks. It is fairly effective against control-countepush decks and popular decks like Giant Poison, since you can overwhelm their defense, expecially with split pushes, but it really sucks against chipping decks that use Miner, Furnace, Spear Gobs and things like that. You can’t easily build elixir advantages against them.

Some troops that you must pay attention to:

  • Guards. You have to be ready for guards as they mean you can never throw a Mini Pekka without a Valk.
  • Bowler: bowler fucks up any push with this deck. You can work around it by outcycling their deck, split pushing or using barrel with some strategy. Anyway, Bowler fucks up offense but not defense, so if your opponent is too good you can try to go for a tie. Minion variant deck is less susceptible to Bowler.
  • Strong ranged support: in general, a slow down source such poison, ice spirit or Ice Wiz + a musketeer can shut down a push by killing the valk. Many players anyway try to answer back with melee or flying counter that get fucked up by Ice Spirit. Cheap Cycle deck