Log Hog Deck

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The Log Hog Deck After September Update

Log Hog Deck Including a level 7 Hog, level 9 common cards and The Log as a Legendary, this Hog Cycle deck has only average elixir cost of 3.1, which is pretty low. With the common strategy of cycle deck by cycling fast around different cards and gain elixir advantage, this Hog + The Log deck would be painful for those trying to defend against this combo. Let’s dig in this deck’s playstyle. Log Hog Deck

Log Hog Deck

Log Hog Deck

Log Hog Deck Offensive Strategy

Log Hog Deck


You should do some small pushes in early game. My favorite combos are Hog + Ice Spirit (5 elixir), Hog + The Log (6 elixir), Hog + Spear Goblins (6 elixir). However, don’t overspend on your push. Your main goal is not to take your opponent out at early game but to know what they are using to deal with your push. However, it would not be surprised if you can deal a moderate amount of damage to the Tower, in case they make a bad move or do not have right cards on hand. Log Hog Deck

The Log is the fundamental element of our combo. It can pushes middle-sized enemies back, deal massive damage to them and clear out swarms immediately, while also dealing chip damage to tower if used properly. The Hog + The Log combo is deadly as it will allow Hog to have some free hits as defensive units will be knocked back.

Adapt the situation! Dont use same tactic if the first one not work. See more Beginner Gameplay Tips to know.

Lightning should be used to deal heavy damage on Tank and Buildings simultaneously. Lightning can be replaced by Poison to add some offensive strength to our pushes. Log Hog Deck

Log Hog Deck Defensive Strategy


Core defensive units: Tesla, Ice Spirit, Spear Goblins, The Log, Baby Dragon.

Against big units like Giant/Royal Giant/Lava Hound/Golem, Tesla is your only choice to deal with them. Place it down to avoid being damaged to Tower. Try to use the Double lane pressure technique by sending Hog to counter your opponent and force him to split troops. There are some counter tips to help you out. Check it out!

Against Princess and Ice Wizard, The Log is a great counter as it can instantly kill Princess, and lower Ice Wizard HP to critical level. Log Hog Deck

The Log is fantastic against Hut Spawners Deck as they will all be crushed by a single Log.

Only Ice Spirit can counter Miner, so ensure that you have it when your opponent has Miner.

Ice Spirit is great in defense, as it only costs 1 elixir and can freeze for 2 seconds! You can use it to delay your opponent, especially when he has heavy deck as we do not have many options to counter this kind of deck

Use Zap to counter Mini Pekka/Minion Horde as these troops are deadly when being left alone.  Log Hog Deck

Log Hog Deck Tips

  • If your opponent deploys Princess, at least aim your Log to hit both Princess and a building. The Log can also be utilized to eliminate buildings, especially Elixir Collector. Log Hog Deck
  • Lightning is a bit tricky to use. Try to hit as many big units and buildings as you can. For example: Your opponent drops down Giant near his buildings and Elixir Pump. What you should do is to use Lightning on all 3 targets, destroying the Pump and dealing massive amount of damage to the others.
  • Heavy deck players actually show their hand cards quite easily even if they have not deployed the Tank, as you can make a prediction from his big support troops and the place spot. In that case, you should start a push on the other lane. Log Hog Deck

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