Clash Royale Team Battle

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Hello everyone  Recently there have been some Easter Eggs thrown out by Supercell that have pretty much confirmed “Team Battles.” Team Battles will most likely be in a 2v2 player format. In this game mode, players on each team will have to work together to take more crowns than the other team. We do not know whether this game mode will be permanent, but it will most likely come out on March 2nd, the 1 year anniversary of the world-wide release. We also do not yet know if we will be able to choose friends, clan mates, or random players to clash with. But with the explanation out of the way, let me show you the proofof Clash Royale Team Battle 


The first Easter Egg was actually given out a while ago, but only recently discovered. This is in the game!


  1. To find it, go to “News Royale.”
  2. Scroll down until you find a post titled What is Radio Royale?”
  3. Tap on it and find the yellow link to Reddit. 
  4. you will need to carefully tap on to the letter “t” in “reddit.”
  5. This link will not bring you to Reddit, but to an Imgur page. This is the image that it displays:

Clash Royale Team Battle

It is the left side of a “Battle” button. We can assume that the bottom word says “Battle,” but there can be possibilities other than “Team” on top. But there is MORE EVIDENCE!

The second Easter Egg is on the Supercell forums. Tim, the community manager, replied to a with one word: “Correctamundo! Check Out This page for To know about Full Leak 

Clash Royale Team Battle

What’s special about this post is that if you look closely at it, the letter “e” is highlighted with a hyperlink. And if we click on the “e” it leads us to this image, teasing us of a new battling option. Most people have predicted it to be “Team Battle,” but it wasn’t 100% certain Check Out This page for To know about Fill Leak 

Clash Royale Team Battle

In this picture, you can see the end of the “m” in “Team,” and the “e at the end of “Battle.” Together this picture would look like this Clash Royale Team Battle: Check Out This page for To know about Guide and Deck 

Clash Royale Team Battle

I’m super excited guys. A team battling feature would be amazing. Imagine you and your friend playing together against two other players at the same time. It sounds like a ton of fun and I can’t wait.

Source: Ash – Clash Royale & Clash of Clans Watch his Clash Royale Team Battle  video below

What do you guys think the feature will be? Playing at the SAME time as your teammate or a new tournament-like format within the game comment down below about Clash Royale Team Battle 

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