Sparky Tornado Deck

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Hey everyone, MWolverine63 here’s a short guide on the Sparky Tornado Deck ! I never thought I could get this high, so I’m very excited to share this deck with you all. I think a big part of its success is the synergy between Sparky and Tornado—in fact, I am going to write an addendum to Sparky 501 specifically about using Tornado and Sparky together. let’s take a look on this Sparky Tornado Deck Guide

Sparky Tornado Deck

Sparky Tornado Deck Main push

Your main push is Giant, Sparky, and Ice Wizard. It’s pretty standard, and if you don’t have Ice Wizard, you can substitute Ice Spirit.

Ice Spirit is just as effective at slowing down your opponent on offense, but it doesn’t last quite as long on defense. You’ll need to play a bit more conservatively without the Ice Wizard, but the average elixir cost will be lower and you’ll cycle faster, so that helps.


Sparky Tornado Deck Defensive Options

Cannon is great for slowing down Hogs and Royal Giants. It’s an OK distraction for Lavahounds, and it will slow down Golems. It’s cheap and very effective, and it functions as the cornerstone of the defense of this deck. Cannon buys you enough time to get a Sparky charged up or a Mega Minion down, and that’s a huge advantage.

The other card you’ll use a lot on defense is Ice Wizard, as well as Mega Minion. They pull a lot of double duty, working on both offense and defense. Both are key to handling Lavahounds!


I really like this card. It’s handy when you’re about to get overwhelmed and just need more time. You can plop it down and get enough time to drop something else. It’s also great to pull Miners from your Arena Towers to your King Tower.

The biggest advantage is using it to group troops together so Sparky can shoot them. When you are on your opponent’s side of the map, you instinctively want to drag troops closer to your side so you can take them out faster. Don’t do this. Drag them next to the Arena Tower so Sparky will shoot them and hit the tower! This play is especially great when you take your opponent by surprise, since they were expecting to buy time by placing a troop in the center. Sparky Tornado Deck

Tornado works well with Sparky because you can concentrate troops and eliminate them quickly. The potential for huge plays is endless, and I still feel like I’m learning how to use it properly. It’s a tough spell to master, so take the time to learn how to use it. Don’t play it just to play it; wait for the right moment to drop the Tornado. In this way, it’s a lot like Sparky. Super potent if you play it well and wait for the right time to strike, but hard to win with at first.

Everyone who is playing Sparky right now, keep at it! I’ve been playing a Sparky deck (of one form or another) since 2600 trophies, and I don’t feel like I’ve hit the limit with her. Sparky won’t let you win every match, but you can beat anyone (even a skilled opponent) with her. Keep on pushing and keep the faith.

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Thanks for reading this Sparky Tornado Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.

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