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Hey Giant Sparky Graveyard Deck guys warmpugs here  today I will show you a Sparky Graveyard Deck guide that has gotten me consistent 12 wins in Challenges ever since I perfected it a few days ago. Before I begin the Giant Sparky Graveyard Deck guide, below are a few things about me and about the deck.

I do not use the Giant Sparky Graveyard Deck much on ladder due to card levels but when I do I hover from 3800-3900 which is the same trophy range I stay at with my main deck, hog cycle.I wouldn’t recommend this deck for an average player or someone who doesn’t understand advanced mechanics with EW and Tornado. One misplay with either are truly what has lost me many games.

This Sparky Graveyard Deck is very much based on defense (since sparky is one of the greatest defensive cards in the game) and not taking advantage of counterpushing or positive elixir trades will also make you lose so come and take a look at this Sparky Graveyard Deck guide


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Sparky Graveyard Deck

Sparky Graveyard Deck Card Role:

Giant-  Giant is the main tank of this deck and will be tanking for cards like graveyard, sparky, and electro wizard.

  1. I would not recommend placing him down if it means you won’t have enough elixir to defend a counterpush because if you overextend this deck doesn’t have many ways to save you. Also there are some instances where I don’t even play a giant to tank and just let sparky tank for graveyard or vice versa, which can make a great combination if you know your opponents deck (I will talk about more combinations later).
  2. Giant also doesn’t always have to be paired with graveyard or sparky, for example, if you know your opponent is low on elixir and only has inferno as a good tank killer, throw an electro wizard behind (or preferably follow up on an electro wizard from defense and put giant in front for a counterpush).
  3. You cannot substitute this card out unless you want to play an entirely different deck that would be nothing like the one I’m explaining.

Sparky & Graveyard- The 2 win conditions that will almost always win you the game when played correctly. The best thing about these cards are the surprise factor and the fact that the opponent must address them, and when combined the opponent simply fails at countering one or the other and loses a tower or two. Check Out Here Top 5 Clash Royale Sparky Deck Arena 8 2018 

  1. Never play either as your first move unless you have a horrible starting hand, and in that case, try to have them make the first move. On the other hand, sometimes I go entire games without playing one or the other just because I’m doing fine without it or the opponent applies too much pressure (which is the correct way to beat this deck), but just because you can’t get them down at the same time doesn’t mean you’re going to lose. As a matter of fact,Check Out Here Top 5 Clash Royale Sparky Deck Arena 8 2018 
  2. I wouldn’t recommend a giant-sparky-graveyard push as it’s week to minion horde and costs 16 elixir and if countered properly will put you at a massive elixir disadvantage. The cards have very different individual roles however.Check Out Here Top 5 Clash Royale Sparky Deck Arena 8 2018 
  3. Sparky is one of the best defensive units in the game and can shut down any ground push when combined with tornado, and once it’s done on defense, will gain value on counterpushing even if you don’t back it up because it simply must be addressed. Sparky should be used exclusively on defense and for area denial before double elixir and up until overtime when time begins to run out. If they zap or lightning your defensive sparky a tornado will give her enough time to charge back up and blast away. If you don’t have enough elixir a log will work but not as well. Graveyard has a much different function in this deck. The number one tip for this card is to never send it in alone and if you’re going to do a graveyard push, try to push with whatever was left on defense. You also don’t have the best spells to back up the graveyard so don’t rely on it to carry games. These cards cannot be substituted without changing the deck entirely.Check Out Here Top 5 Clash Royale Sparky Deck Arena 8 2018 

Electro Wizard- One of the most balanced cards in the game and can get amazing value if played correctly, just like the musketeer. The electro wizard works exceptionally well with graveyard and even better with giant + sparky/graveyard. It is also one of your main defensive troops along with Valkyrie and sparky. Check Out Here Top 5 Clash Royale Best Electro Wizard Decks 2017 Best E Wiz Decks

  1. Against decks with multiple air troops play it sparingly as it is one of the three cards in the deck that can affect air troops. Since it is easily countered by swarm units a prediction log will go a very long way on offense when done right.Check Out Here Top 5 Clash Royale Best Electro Wizard Decks 2017 Best E Wiz Decks
  2. It can be substituted with musketeer for the less fortunate and it will function mostly the same, but any other substitutions and you will have to play a different way than the way I am describing.

Valkyrie- The second best defensive card in this deck and should always be used defensively and then turn into a counterpush if appropriate. When combined with tornado it can shut down the splashers behind a tank and allow minions to clean up when sparky is out of rotation.

  1. Valkyrie can also take out elite barbarians for a positive elixir trade so if they have them, save the valkyrie exclusively for that. Also if the opponent is running graveyard poison, Valkyrie counters it almost perfectly for a positive 5 elixir trade.
  2. If they don’t have anything you need to save her for, Valkyrie very works well as a secondary tank for graveyard and sparky if you want to surprise the opponent or if they’re low on elixir.

Minions- One of the most balanced cards in the game and my personal favorite card of all time. It can fit into most decks and does very well in this one particularly. It is one of the three cards in this deck that can hit air and is the only air card in the deck.

  1. It is the best (but most fragile) counter to graveyard in this deck and can act as a secondary tank killer if sparky is out of cycle and they don’t have arrows/poison/fireball. It can distract an inferno tower to buy the giant some time but I rarely do this because electro wizard and sparky do a much better job at countering inferno.
  2. I’ve considered swapping in something along the lines of archers and dart goblin but just can’t bring myself to do it. Left alone they will deal around 500 damage to an equal level crown tower and if they’re zapped it just helps sparky shine even more.
  3. The Log & Tornado- The only two spells in this deck and should be used very sparingly. The Log is obviously a staple to most decks and is the only spell that can provide a positive elixir trade against princess and goblin barrel as well as providing knockback to all ground troops. You can substitute zap in but if you have log I would recommend it much more because of defensive capabilities.
  4. I would consider the tornado the best defensive card in the deck (with sparky being the best defensive troop) simply because it covers so many roles that this deck is weak too. It can cause almost all troops to activate your king tower prematurely which is a massive advantage and combined with sparky shuts down most ground pushes.
  5. When played on offense you can clump troops together by the crown tower not only allowing sparky to blast them, but also the tower for 1300 damage at tournament standard. No substitutions for tornado as it fills such a niche role.


Offensive Combinations-

  1. Giant + Graveyard + Sparky + Electro Wizard
  2. Giant + Graveyard/Sparky + Electro Wizard
  3. Giant + Graveyard/Sparky
  4. Graveyard + Sparky
  5. Giant + Electro Wizard
  6. Valkyrie + Graveyard/Sparky

Defensive Combinarions-

  1. Valkyrie + Electro Wizard + Tornado
  2. Valkyrie + Tornado
  3. Sparky + Tornado/The Log
  4. Valkyrie + Minions + Tornado
  5. Electro Wizard + Minions


  1. Against a hog rider deck, if you use sparky, tornado, and electro wizard properly you never get out cycled and can stop them from even deploying a hog near your sparky.
  2. Against another beat down deck, sparky is your bestfriend. Deploying sparky as soon as they deploy their tank will either stop them from supporting their push or they will support it and you can tornado it all together for a massive positive elixir trade.
  3. Against siege, giant, sparky, and electro wizard are your best friends. Don’t let yourself get caught off guard against xbow or mortar cycle however, or its game over.
  4. Against graveyard, Valkyrie and minions will shut down graveyard with minimal damage, but if they have poison, try to make them use on defense against your graveyard or just use Valkyrie.
  5. Against royal giant, if they use it to siege, take the royal giant damage and go for a big counterpush. If they start it in the back, just start a sparky in the back and let her go to work.
  6. Against spell bait, apply more pressure to them than they can to you. Best case scenario you can use minions for princess/dart goblin/goblin gang, Valkyrie for skeleton army, Log for goblin barrel, and tornado for minion horde.
  7. This Sparky Graveyard Deck can play some defense, but your defense will become very shakey if you don’t apply pressure on the other lane and keep letting them attack.

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Thanks for reading this Sparky Graveyard Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.