Sparky Double Prince Deck

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Sparky Double Prince Deck Arena 8+

Hey fellas, I just hit Legendary Arena with this Sparky Double Prince Deck and really want to share it.I got Sparky a couple of days ago and dropped like 300 trophies trying to get the hang of it.. anyway, kinda got it figured out and am now at an all time high with this deck after an awesome 10 game win-streak. Sparky Double Prince Deck

Sparky Double Prince Deck

Sparky Double Prince Deck Card Role:

Sparky: I use Sparky on defence. Most Sparky players I battle use it offensively, maybe even opening with it at the back. This gives me time to counter it and render it useless. I tried playing Sparky this way initially as well because I didn’t know any better, but it’s not how to play Sparky (imo).Sparky one shots Mini Pekka, Hog Rider etc.. 2 shots the Giant.. when they drop a Giant at the back.. I wait for Giant to be like halfway up his lane and drop my Sparky at the back.

Prince: Prince has awesome synergy with Sparky, seems weird since he’s so fast..He can fight Mini Pekka etc. He is good to drop off to the side on defence – get his charge going – spaced away from Sparky means the opponent has to decide if they’ll zap Prince or Sparky. He can tank damage and dish it out while Sparky nails them from further back. Very defensive combo and it turns into an major threat on the counter attack.


Dark Prince: We all know how well Dark Prince synergises with Prince, but he synergises with Sparky just as well. The shield helps protect her from baddies etc, he’s great at wiping out those smaller groups like Goblins.. Skeletons.. etc.. the kind of stuff people throw out to distract Sparky and/or Prince.

Ice Wizard: Ice Wizard is new to me, I got two in a row in the same day, instant level 2 Ice Wiz.. I find him to be excellent in this deck, though I don’t really like him. He provides brilliant utility against things like Mini Pekka.. Barbs if Dark Prince isn’t available.. slows down tanks etc so they take more hits and die before hitting your tower.. very useful card and he works brilliantly with how I use Sparky. Sparky Double Prince Deck

Ice Spirit: We all know how awesome Ice Spirit is and what it can do, synergises brilliantly with Sparky due to the extra time it allows her to charge, same for how it works with the two Princes – there’s also the awesome defence moves available with the Muskateer Check Out Here Musketeer Tech ft. Ice Spirit Guide

Muskateer: The Muskateer is basically our only air defence. I do have Ice Wizard but he’s more about the slow and utility rather than actually killing anything.. Muskateer is our only damage dealer than can hit air. Sparky Double Prince Deck

Elixir Collector: Awesome for this deck considering Prince is 5 elixir and Sparky is 6.. pretty costly. I like to keep a pump up as much as possible, and I always make sure to drop one (if possible) before double-elixir time kicks in to help aid a push for a 3 crown victory.

Zap: We all know about Zap. I find it useful against other Sparkys etc and it’s also great to clear out minions etc after an Ice Wizard has hit them so that your push can hammer on without getting injured. It has great synergy with this deck

Sparky Double Prince Deck General Strategy:

Basically the idea is simple – defend, and counter-push with the ridiculous firepower this deck has, Sparky is awesome on defence and will tear any tank apart, we’ve got Ice Spirit and Ice Wizard to make sure tanks etc don’t reach the tower as well and the two Princes provide brilliant synergy with Sparky for both dealing with threats to her and also posing a very real threat themselves even without Sparky. Sparky Double Prince Deck

It is totally possible to not even use Sparky although everything here works with her so well. Prince is a secondary “win condition”.. a backup plan of sorts.. if the opponents is great at dealing with Sparky.

Once double time hits I begin a push and aim for a three crown victory, this deck has enough power to do it and do it fast, and it can out 3-crown other decks that might try to rush you down the other lane as well.

This deck has great split-push potential due to how threatening Prince is if left alone – forces the opponent to play in the other lane or else lose a tower for sure. Sparky Double Prince Deck

Once you have a tower down, a great way to get a quick 3 crown is to start throwing up Sparky and whatever is appropriate (you will know their deck by this time most likely) up into their zone so that you just rush for the 3 crown. Sparky Double Prince Deck

That’s the Sparky Double Prince Deck! Thanks for taking the time to read this guide. If you have any questions Fell Free to ask.

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