Top 5 Sparky Deck Arena 8 2017

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Hey guys Best Sparky Decks 2019 Arena 9+ Today I will show you some cool Best Sparky Decks 2019 Arena 9+ Which is working well after October Balance Changes also take a look at these Top 11 Clash Royale January Meta Decks 2019 Arena 9 to Arena 12

This Best Sparky Decks 2019 Arena 9+ is very simple to use and Big Tank Such as Giant, Pekka is your win condition, and every other card are just support units so come and take a look at this Best Sparky Decks 2019 Arena 9+ guide

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 Giant Sparky Deck Arena 9 2019

Giant Sparky Deck 2017

This Giant Sparky Deck is very simple to use. In This Deck Giant and Goblin Barrel is the win condition, and EVERY other card are just support units/spells

At first you want to defend for positive Elixir trades and Some good starting Moves are Giant at the back, or Sparky at the back.

You can play Giant at the back now use every card in your deck to support it and even cycle to a second Giant. Try and apply more pressure during the end of your push Continue Reading »

 Mega Knight Best Sparky Decks 2019 Arena 11

Mega Knight Sparky Deck

Hi Guys Mega Knight Sparky Deck Aaqib Javed here and today i am going to show you Mega Knight Sparky Deck Miner Control Deck For arena 10+ This deck is good because Electro Wizard got a 2% HP nerf and some people start stop using it in there decks and start using others cards like an Ice Wizard, Archers and Dart Goblin Continue Reading »

Giant Graveyard Sparky Deck Arena 11 2019

Sparky Graveyard Deck

Sparky Graveyard Deck that has gotten me consistent 12 wins in Challenges ever since I perfected it a few days ago. Before I begin the guide, below are a few things about me and about the deck.

I do not use the deck much on ladder due to card levels but when I do I hover from 3800-3900 which is the same trophy range I stay at with my main deck, hog cycle Continue Reading »

Pekka Witch Sparky Deck Arena 8 2019

Pekka Sparky Deck

Hi guys barbarians33 here and Pekka witch sparky deck which is viable and could be meta.My Pekka Sparky Deck contains these 8 cards: Pekka, Witch, Freeze, Sparky, ID, Bomber, Fireball and Ice spirit. All these cards in the battle are supposed to be used defensively not offensively until double elixir.

The main reason many people don’t use it is cause I thought of it one random day and because normally if used they focus to much on offense but do not worry i will explain everything in this guide Continue Reading »

Pekka Wizard Sparky Deck Arena 10 2019

Graveyard Pekka Wizard Deck

Hi Guys AveragePichu here Check Out Here Best September meta decks and as I said I would post a guide when I reached 5k, but I haven’t reached yet  well My deck is level 11/9/5.5/2.5 with P.E.K.K.A, Sparky, Graveyard, Wizard, Skeletons, Bats, Zap, and Tornado. My season highest is 4557, and my best season (the month of 2v2) is 4740, which was gotten with slightly lower levels Continue Reading »

Sparky Zap Bait Deck

Sparky Zap Bait Deck

Hey guys, BatmanBeyond2100  here with an awesome Sparky Zap Bait Deck that got me to 4000 trophies from 3400 in 1 sitting (roughly 2 hours). Keep in mind that this feat is not impressive as the deck I used has Level 11 and 10 commons, Level 2 and 1 Legendaries, and Level 4 Epics. Sparky Zap-Bait has been very successful for me and a couple of other players, who all have reached 4000 with this Sparky Zap Bait Deck I recently tried Elite Barbs instead of Sparky, and it works alright Continue Reading »

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So guys this was the Sparky Deck Arena 8 2017 guide I hope you liked it and this October Meta Decks 2017 guide don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.