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Hi Guys Arma_GD here and today i am taking about Unstoppable Siege X Bow Deck That Got me to Arena 9,If you have a couple of the more commonly seen Legendary cards and want a deck to push trophies with,crush people for fun with, and/or use because you like somewhat hybrid Siege strategies, you might consider trying this deck. I have battled a number of times too large to count with it, and lost less than five

x bow deck

Siege X Bow Deck Card Role:

X-Bow This card is the center of the deck (obviously) and is the only present win condition card you’ll have. This sounds scary and may deter you from using the deck, but if you play the deck correctly, you are almost guaranteed a tower or two.


  1. Here are a few tips for X-Bow deployment. Make sure you have around 10 elixir before starting an X-Bow siege, and preferably some support troops coming up from the back. Don’t worry about trying to eliminate distractions before your X-Bow’s deploy time is up;
  2. The thing is a weapon and will not have a problem getting rid of anything coming towards it, with the assistance of support troops and/or the Tesla. Neutral elixir trades are perfectly okay when attacking (The Log versus Goblins is a completely acceptable move) because the X-Bow is your highest priority to defend, as it has relatively low hitpoints and takes time to deal the damage.
  3. Last but not least, don’t try to cycle back to the X-Bow whenever you can; it is to be played most often after defending a push and when you have a safe amount of elixir (don’t be afraid to play slow). x bow deck

The Log The Log has gone through a long period of underratedness. Even before it got its buff, however, this card was ridiculously synergistic with the X-Bow, as giving your X-Bow just a bit more time to live is very important often. Now,

  1. It has even more use as knocking back things like Giants or Hog Riders can be the difference between your X-Bow going down or your Tesla absorbing the damage and damaging the troop.
  2. One last note: The Log is cheap, expendable, and effective on defense too (as opposed to assisting your attacks). It hard counters Princesses, Goblin Barrels, and other squishy troops, and is a good investment for damage on Barbarians, Archers, and even troops such as the Hog Rider (who most suffers from its knockback). x bow deck

Arrows Two words: Minion Horde. Originally when I created this deck, this spot was filled by the Musketeer for some decent air defense, but I found that a Minion Horde could still destroy my X-Bow setup quickly and efficiently despite a possible present Ice Wizard. Arrows work perfectly with the deck as a hard counter to Minion Hordes and if necessary, Minions. x bow deck

Tesla This card has a name for being the X-Bow’s best friend, especially from back in the day when it could be placed in front of the X-Bow and the X-Bow could still do damage to the tower.

  1. The two are still a very dynamic duo even though that is impossible now, and the Tesla has gained a reputation in my mind of being a troop magnet. It attracts Giants, Hog Riders, and even Royal Giants to itself from seemingly ridiculous angles, and does decent overall damage with a fair amount of hitpoints to hold its own under even Hog Rider attacks.
  2. It’s an overall asset to the deck and can be used up front by the X-Bow or back on defense in the middle of your side to pull and kill a tank. x bow deck

Valkyrie The Valkyrie is used in this deck to directly shield the X-Bow, or demonstrate its normal well-known defensive abilities. Oftentimes, the opponent will stick some kind of horde in front of the X-Bow, such as Barbarians. A quick reactive Valkyrie prevents the siege machine from going down, and leaves you with a positive elixir trade in most cases.

Elixir Collector With the deck being so stable already with the other seven cards, and with an average of 4.0 elixir, I found the Elixir Collector to be a nice addition to top it off and to keep your cycle flowing so you are ready for anything the opponent may throw at you. (Being a seasoned Miner player as well, 4.0 is a scary high number for me without an Elixir Collector.) x bow deck

Bowler Possibly one of the more overpowered troops in the meta currently, the Bowler is quite possibly the best overall defense you can get. His pushback effect is useful when he is near the X-Bow and troops are headed towards it, and he can soak damage like no one’s business (except against Minions, but that’s why we have Arrows). He is likely the most valuable troop in the deck, and likely one of the coolest dudes you could chill with. x bow deck

Ice Wizard All I can say about this guy is that he is helpful. He helps with everything and can be used almost anywhere in any situation on both defense and offense as support. His slowing effect and chip damage help attacks by keeping defending troops off the X-Bow for longer and by making the Bowler’s, Valkyrie’s, or Tesla’s time in killing off defenses just that much easier and faster. If you have the Princess, she should work as well if not better, and may allow your Arrows to go out for Zap. Her range keeps her out of the fire of defenses against your siege, and she does more damage than the Ice Wizard. However, the Ice Wizard works fine for me (I don’t have the Princess). x bow deck

Siege X Bow Deck Summary

Overall, this deck is played with patience and defensive moves until there is an opportunity for a siege attack.

The amount of attacks you may have to perform ranges from one to four. Again, I strongly recommend this deck to serious players, BMers, and dedicated Siege players.

It is extremely solid against most things in the meta, even Lava Hound, surprisingly. x bow deck


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I hope you found this Siege X Bow Deck guide to be helpful and as to-the-point as necessary, and that you find success and fun using my deck. Leave your feedback and experiences; I’m interested to see how this works for others.