Royale Giant Control Deck

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Hi Guys STLcardinals Here and today i am going to show my Royale Giant Control Deck Which is working well for me in legendary arena, This is a very good, easy to play deck that should be able to get anyone to Arena 9. You don’t need high levels and you don’t need any Legendary Cards.It’s a simple deck based around Royal Giant, Archers and the Mega Minions and in terms of getting those 3000 trophies, this should get you there if played correctly (and potentially beyond!). I have Legendaries that’s the reason i am using them btw its very F2P so ame and take a quick look on this Royale Giant Control Deck guide

Royale Giant Control Deck

 Royale Giant Control Deck Card Role:

  1. Royale Giant: is main offensive card. I often pair it up with defending archers or mega minion. Try to always have a spell ready for the opposing defending troops. Another trick I use is putting a royale giant in front of upcoming Musky, Wizard, Archers, etc. It will get to the tower and more than likely get a shot off.
  2. Archers: is one of my main defending(transition off.) troops. I usually set them in the back when a giant or lavahound is coming down the lane. The key for archers is to keep them behind your tower. Keep them safe so they can shred the push and provide a counter push with royale giant.
  3. Mega minion: This is my other defensive transition offense troop. Place to counter tanks and mini tanks. When against hog place down mega minions then log back the hog keeping it to MIN 1 hit. Also use mega minion in the middle of the river to counter inferno tower.
  4. Inferno Dragon: This is main tank destroyer. Keep in hand to use as a surprise towards the end of the match unless needed. It can be used on offense, but tend to use it as defense. It can out Almost every tank in few seconds inside the game
  5. Skelton Army: This is my swarm defense. It Can counter tanks and also bowler and (like everything else) sparky. The Skeleton Army is also used defensively against Giants, Royal Giants and Hogs – it’s extremely effective and taking down those dangerous units quickly, all for a very small amount of Elixir.
  6. The Log: Tt can be used to kill goblin barrel and other small units. Use it espcially on upcoming princess. the log is a great way to buy time for the upcoming push. Use it to stop charging princes.
  7. Zap: I use it to kill leave minions at 1hp small troops.Try to hold onto it to reset inferno tower, inferno dragon, and sparky. Zap defense to give Royale giant 1 more shot. Zap oncoming offense to give time to defend.
  8. Fireball: One of the most versatile card in Clash Royale. It is a great push killer, especially against 3 Musketeers.I use it to greatly weaken barbs, wizards, and Mega Minions. also use it to kill minion horde. you should keep using Fireball on your opponent’s Elixir Collector while using this deck to keep the pressure, prevent him from out-cycling you. In many cases, it helps you finish off the opponent’s Tower.

Royale Giant Control Deck Card Combos:

  1. Royale Giant + Archers
  2. Royale Giant and Fireball and Zap 
  3. Log and Mega Minion 
  4. Log and Fireball.

Royale Giant Control Deck Countering pushes:

  1. Miner and Goblin Barrel: Zap or Log.
  2. Miner and Minion horde: Use Fireball to kill minions and mega Minion  on Miner.
  3. Hog and Spirits: Log and Mega Minion.
  4. Lava hound and Flyign Troops: Archers, Fireball, zap, and Inferno dragon( wins every time)

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Thanks for reading this Royale Giant Control Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.