Royal Giant Lumberjack Deck

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Royal Giant Lumberjack Deck

Royal Giant Lumberjack Deck,Hello guys! I just received a Lumberjack today after the maintenance update and so I decided to include this new legendary card with my current deck which has a Royal Giant and luckily I got a very positive result with this deck. So I would like to share this deck with everyone hoping that this Royal Giant Lumberjack Deck will help you advance to a higher arena.

Royal Giant Lumberjack Deck

Offensive Strategy


Basically, this deck focuses on Royal Giant + Lumberjack combo.  In the first few seconds of the match, wait until your elixir reaches the maximum capacity. Placing the Royal Giant behind the King’s tower is recommended (but it still depends on the situation). Your elixir will replenish just before the Royal Giant reaches the river which gives you the advantage for an offense or defense if needed. Just right before the Royal Giant reach the river, drop the Lumberjack in front of him. Let the Lumberjack serve as a meat shield so that we can maximize his rage ability when he died. We strongly advise supporting the Royal Giant with ranged troops like Musketeer or Archer. This is to help the Royal Giant eliminating defensive troops of your opponent.


Defensive Strategy


This Royal Giant Lumberjack deck has numerous win against different decks from hog rider deck, giant deck, golem deck and balloon deck and so far I can win against them. Defending your towers is easy with this deck. Let’s list down some common combo deck:Royal Giant Lumberjack Deck

  • Hog Rider Deck – The common combo with the Hog Rider are low-cost elixir troops. In this case, you have the most effective cards that can easily get rid of this combo. We recommend using Zap + Mini Pekka or Musketeer to counter this combo.
  • Balloon Deck – Most of the time, balloons are partnered with a tank or mini tank troops like Valkyrie. Against this deck, you can use Mini Pekka to get rid of land troops + air targeting units like Musketeer or Archers.
  • Other Decks – You have all the effective land and air targeting troops which can deal with any incoming threats. You can also use the fireball if your opponent is doing swarm attacks such as Mini Pekka + Minion Horde combo.

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