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Hey guys, today I present you with a fun Royal Giant Electro Wizard Tornado Deck (Average deck cost 3.0) which got me to 4600 trophies (Challenger 3) on Ladder.  is the deck. The reason I use this deck is because it helps me to compete against high level cards, my card levels in this Electro Wizard Tornado Deck are 10.75/8/4/2.5 let’s take a look a this guide

Electro Wizard Tornado Deck Card Role:

Royal Giant – The win condition. Unlike some other win conditions, the Royal Giant isn’t a one push kill card and so in this deck you want to keep cycling to the Royal Giant and get chip damage (a bit like the Miner.)

Electro Wizard – Extremely powerful defensive card. Its stun acts as a slow and so is really useful for shutting down big pushes and then can carry on to counter push. It also comes with the added benefit of being able to reset inferno towers and sparky (but let’s be honest, what can’t reset sparky?) which can be useful.


Tornado – The Multi-Purpose spell. The tornado is an amazing card for many reasons. Firstly unlike the cannon which is useless vs air decks and the inferno tower which results in negative trades vs hog riders and is useless vs the Miner, the tornado can be used against absolutely anything. Hog rider or elite barbs? Just pull it to the centre. Lava Loon? Just clump everything up and fireball it. Miner? Sure just let it activate your king tower. Royal Giant when you’re one tower down? Sure, just pull it to the other lane. On offense, you can clump up all of their troops and fireball it too. One extra thing I love about the tornado is it is amazing even when underlevelled.

Skeletons – Yes, it’s a cycle card… But it’s a lot more than that. On defence, these doots are lethal. At level 9, they collectively have a DPS of 268, that’s higher than a max level Musketeer Pretty impressive if you ask me. They can shred down unsupported tanks, distract all sort of troops (even splash troops if you surround it) and can take out princesses at the bridge. When the opponent Zaps or Logs them, that’s a +1 trade in your favour.

Ice Spirit – More for cycling, the ice spirit isn’t as multipurpose as the skeletons but it can still provide great value on defence, especially vs lone mega minion, musketeer, archers or goblins.

Minions – The runner of the deck, provides solid defensive cover vs almost anything and its speed gives it a big advantage on offense. Just watch out for high levelled zaps as they can clear your minions.

Fireball – Usually, I am not a fan of the Fireball, but admittedly, with all the barbarians, wizards, minion hordes etc. found on ladder, it’s a great option. And the other great thing is although fireball will give amazing trades when overlevelled, it doesn’t miss out on much even when underlevelled. At a level disadvantage, fireball won’t kill barbarians, wizards, musketeers, witches, electro wizards etc. but that is the same at even levels. There’s nothing a slightly underlevelled fireball won’t kill that would be killed at even levels.

The Log – Just a great spell all round, gives extra time on defence due to the knockback and can take Princess, goblin gang, goblin barrel, skeleton army, dart goblin out all for a positive trade.

Electro Wizard Tornado Deck Offensive strategies:

There are various offensive strategies to use, all depending on your opponents deck.

  1. RG + Minions or RG + the Log – It is not recommended to open a game with an aggressive RG but in general when making your first push, these are the cheap pushes you should aim to make. It’s a good way to see how your opponent will defend and then start adapting your pushes.
  2. RG + Tornado + Fireball – This push is very effective vs buildings such as the furnace. Usually your opponent will spread their troops out but you can use tornado to clump their troops, building and tower and fireball them all. Your main priority is to hit both the building and their troops, don’t make the mistake of forcing your fireball to hit their tower and then by doing that missing their troops.
  3. RG x 2 – Against strong defensive decks such as zap bait, you will find it hard to get past their inferno tower. You may think that the Electro wizard will reset the Inferno tower and minions will distract it but most good players will never let that happen. The best tip to beating this is by starting RG from the back and then cycling back to a second RG (recommended in double elixir time). Because the inferno tower is out-ranged by the RG, it cannot be pre planted and therefore the opponent will have to wait to deploy the tower until your RG has crossed the river. By then, if you spent elixir efficiently you should have the first RG taking out the inferno tower while the second should be deployed, at the bridge this time. Your opponent will not be able to cycle back to their inferno since they just deployed it and the rest of their troops are all zap bait and so clumped together, can be taken out for a positive trade with the fireball.

Apart from the specific pushes mentioned above, the rest of the time you should aim to counter push with the RG with what you have left from defence, after all it is a chip card rather than a one push card win condition.

Electro Wizard Tornado Deck Defensive strategies :

  1. ‘Offense is the best form of defence’ – I’m sure you’ve all heard that before, it is the main policy cycle decks work around. Your offense will constantly put pressure on the opponent and especially against beat down decks, it will make it hard for your opponent to make a big push.
  2. Electro wizard + Skeletons – extremely strong and effective method to take out Golems and Giants, the skeletons have an insane DPS and coupled with the electro wizards stun, they do insane work.
  3. Tornado + Fireball – especially helpful vs lava loon decks, wait for the hound to pop and then kill everything at once. It can also be used against pretty much anything. If a huge push is coming your way, this combo will destroy it.
  4. Ice Spirit + Skeletons – If timed correctly, it can take out a hog without it getting a single hit on your tower.
  5. Electro Wizard + Minions – Effective vs simple tank + support pushes, the ewiz can take out the tank while the minions take out the support.
  6. Let RG tank – Often, people will play a giant defensively to soak up damage. Although it is not as effective with the RG due to lower health and higher cost, against something like a lone bowler or executioner, an RG placed in the middle of the map can allow it to soak up some damage while the arena tower kills off the troop.

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I hope that this Electro Wizard Tornado Deck guide helps you to Reacherd 4k throphies. If you have any questions about the Electro Wizard Tornado Deck or the guide, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. Good luck and Happy Clashing