Royal Ghost Skeleton Barrel Deck

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Hello Royal Ghost Skeleton Barrel Deck all AAMP_Elite_CR  Here This is very special to me because it is my very First 12-0 GC win. I’ve had numerous 12 wins, but none have been perfectly clean. I thought I would share my Royal Ghost Skeleton Barrel Deck and a few tips because I think it contains some of the strongest combos and counter pushes currently in the Come and take a a look at this Royal Ghost Skeleton Barrel Deck guide Take a look at these Top 13 Clash Roayle January 2018 Meta Deck

Royal Ghost Skeleton Barrel Deck

Royal Ghost Skeleton Barrel Deck Tips:


Royal Ghost is undoubtedly a very strong card, maybe not as broken as the night witch when she was released but not far behind. Take a look at this  Best Royal Ghost Deck Arena 10+ 2018

Always start with this guy or skeleton barrel behind your king tower. Both of these cards are a great passive start that will demand elixir from your opponent.

Dare I say Royal Ghost and skeleton barrel is THE BEST combo in the game right now? IMO it is, but why? As the Royal Ghost approaches the bridge, drop the barrel behind it.

In my experience a lot of players perceive the first troop crossing the bridge as the troop that takes damage. 

By having the invisible Royal Ghost go first, your opponent has to recalculate things as the barrel takes the damage. By the time the barrel pops, the ghost has appeared on the tower and will now tank for the skeletons, flip flopping your opponents brain as to what is taking damage once again. This causes your opponent to overspend on elixir.

Almost everyone is running zap these days, perfect for this deck. It is a zap bait deck. Opponents can zap ID, SB, or bats. Punish with the cards that didn’t get zapped.


A lot of players will reserve zap for the skeleton barrel, so once it is drawn out the cannon cart and bat combination will get extreme value. Bats that cannot be zapped behind your cannon cart will greatly increase the odds of the cannon cart locking onto the tower. Take a look at this  Best Royal Ghost Deck Arena 10+ 2018

At its core, this is a “Bridge Spam-esque” deck, so place what you can at the bridge on the counter push or use split lane pressure. This deck will tear apart log bait, will rarely lose to common mega knight, miner meta decks, giant prince decks and most golem beat down decks.

I’ve had a lot of fun playing this deck and encourage others to try it as well! Let me know if you like it or have any other questions

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This Royal Ghost Skeleton Barrel Deck is super fun as well! It’s very good, and I hope it works for you guys too and You Got lots of 12 wins in Grand Challenges.! Leave your opinions and suggestions in the comments below.