Mortar Deck

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Mortar  Deck Push to Legendary Arena

HI Guys,What’s up Vaxeri Here and  siege decks are starting to get some light shone on them and people are finding more and more siege decks(mortar deck) that work in today’s meta! This deck I bring to you is a pure siege mortar rocket deck that brought me to 3300 trophies with 9/6.5/0/1. Pure siege (mortar deck) means you  directly on killing the opponent’s tower from YOUR side of the playing fields.Your main win conditions in this mortar deck are the mortar and the rocket.

Mortar Deck

Mortar  Deck Card Role:

Mortar: Your main win condition. You mainly want to use this offensively, but it works as a great defense as it can distract troops and due to the slow firing, the mortar can take out support troops that are behind a tank easily. The best place to play this card is one tile back of the bridge and one tile towards the left/right side so it can just barely reach the tower and so you can stick a distraction in front of it.

Tesla: This is the guardian of the mortar and your primary defensive building. If you placed the mortar as stated above, you should be able to fit a tesla into the side and a tile in front of the mortar. With all the buffs tesla received, it is an astounding defense and very underrated. The tesla can dish out some great damage and also because of its hiding ability, it can kill princesses and aggro the royal giant. Be careful while placing this though, because of its small size, it may not be able to aggro as well as something like a cannon would.


Elixir Collector: Pretty self explanatory. Try to have at least 2 down before double elixir. There isn’t really any need to put down an elixir collector during double elixir, unless you are just cycling cards. Having a bunch down means you will cycle through to your mortar very quickly and keep constant pressure on your opponent. mortar deck

Rocket: Very versatile card with insane damage that can create some immense value when used correctly. This is also your second win condition. The rocket will punish the elixir collector and or a troop that is next to the tower. Use the rocket to destroy any elixir collector the opponent places, but be very careful and make sure you have ample elixir to defend. Make sure the rocket is at least level 7, so it can one-shot sparky when cast. Don’t use the rocket on elixir collectors when you know the opponent has a sparky or 3 musketeers. Once the opponent’s tower is down enough to be in 1-3 rocket range, spam defense and keep shooting this bad boy until you win. Also, if your opponent has a massive push coming, simply rocket everything for a positive trade! mortar deck

Zap: Amazing card that can provide tremendous value, and is my favorite spell in the game. A zap will destroy all squishy troops. If a player tries to counter the mortar with minions/minion horde, simply zap them and your tesla or supporting units will be able to take them out. The 0.5 sec stun also helps a little bit for your mortar to get that one last shot on the tower before it dies. mortar deck

Ice Wizard: This is probably the best defensive card in the game due to his slow effect and splash damage. He provides tremendous value at the cost of only 3 elixir. The ice wizard is mainly for protecting your mortar as it can slow down troops, giving the mortar as much time as possible to snipe down the tower. An ice wizard can take out barbarians, minion horde, and slow down the opponent’s pushes if you are low on elixir. Always try to have him on the field when defending a push. His slow effect gives your defenses enough time to kill all the troops. Once the push is gone, set up a mortar with the ice wiz supporting for a counter push. He is a crucial part in making this mortar deck so successful. mortar deck

Tombstone: After the recent spawn speed buff, I will say, the tombstone is AMAZING. The tombstone keeps a steady flow of skeletons down the lane and any push the opponent makes will make all of the Larrys pile up adding up to some great damage. For only 3 elixir, the tombstone can counter heavy hitting single target units such as the mini pekka, lumberjack, musketeer and even a naked giant! This card is also great when a mortar is set up in the same lane because the skeletons will constantly be distracting troops trying to get to the mortar! mortar deck

Barbarians: Barbarians are a great troop for defending. Keep these guys in your hand for defense mostly. You won’t really use them to protect your mortar, because without them you can easily be destroyed by a tank push. These guys are great at taking out Royal Giant, Giant, Golem, Pekka and support units behind tanks. Be cautious of splash damage troops, because barbarians will get taken out instantly by them! mortar deck

Mortar Deck Overview

This deck is mainly a 1-0 deck, so I wouldn’t really rely on using it to get crown chests, but I do sometimes get some 2-0 wins. The only times I ever three crown my opponent is when the enemy disconnects. I do not get many draws, but if you play against a deck you know you just won’t be able to win against, simply just play for the draw by putting down a bunch of defenses. I know it’s a scumbag move to pull, but it’s certainly better than losing! The main game plan is to defend, get elixir advantage, pull out mortar/rocket for attack, repeat.

Once you defend their push, you want the troops to come and defend a counter attack mortar. Just keep defending the mortar and you will see that you are cycling so fast that once one mortar dies, you can just place another! When you get “momentum” you will see that this deck really excels at overwhelming your opponent. If your opponent constantly keeps shutting down your mortar with ease, simply go to your alternate win condition and just shoot rockets at their tower. In friendly battles and Tournaments, this deck excels because you can just keep spamming rockets at their tower while defending. I’ve won about 10% of my battles with just using rocket spam and not even touching their tower once with anything else! Remember, this is a defensive deck .

Overtime: By this time, if you believe you can take down their tower with the mortar combo still, do it. Once their tower gets low enough to be in rocket range, spam your defenses around your base and keep cycling through to your fireballs over and over until their tower is done. If their tower still has a considerable amount of health left, spam your defenses and don’t let them get the victory.


I hope you enjoy playing this pure mortar deck as they are a rarity nowadays! This deck can be played by anyone in A6 and up. After countless battles, I have finally perfected this mortar deck. Enjoy!