Clash Royale Ram Rider Draft Challenge Guide

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Clash Royale Ram Rider Draft Challenge Guide Hi AwesomeAim ,I am back with my new Clash Royale Ram Rider Draft Challenge Guide last time I made the guide for the heist challenge that got reasonably popular, and my friend asked me to make one for this so I’m gonna do that.

First and foremost, this card ( Ram Rider ) will get nerfed. No need to beat around the bush, this happened with every new card. It’s too good cause of little playtesting, players abuse it and show that it’s too good, they spend money immediately trying to get it high level, and then it gets nerfed and you repeat the cycle (sound familiar with that electro dragon doesn’t it?) My How to Win Brawl Stars Challenge Guide

Clash Royale Ram Rider Draft Challenge Guide

Clash Royale Ram Rider Draft Challenge Guide

With that out of the way, as it stands, Ram Rider is a very powerful card. To compare it to other cards:


It has the functions of goblin giant, zappies, battle ram and royal hogs.

Goblin Giant – The unit on top of the ram cannot be targeted and applies dps, similar to how the goblin giant has some spear goblins that can’t be killed outright. With that in mind, the ram and the rider are two different entities, and can target two different things.

Zappies – Zappies are able to keep a unit to a snail pace and barely attack. Ram Rider has traded that for no movement at all. Once you’re hit by the snare, you can’t move for 2 seconds. The attack speed is 1.1 seconds, so you can perma stun a unit with her.

Battle Ram – After a bit of time, the ram below will charge and deal double damage upon impacting a tower.

Royal Hogs – She can jump over the river, and her ram doesn’t die upon impact so she’ll keep applying damage with her ram.

Finally, what makes this card unique. Obviously, the fact that she can be used to perma stun fast units that tend to be really difficult to deal with. Not only that, but her stun is a completely new mechanic, hence why she’s legendary. Versus a melee unit, she can stun it in a place where it can’t attack anything. Even just a marginal amount away can make the difference.

Unlike Goblin Giant, the rider doesn’t appear after the unit dies. They’re two, but act as one.

One very key feature that you might not notice is that the rider will switch targets after every hit. This is huge, because it means she won’t be wasting time stunning a target that’s already stunned when she’s up against a minion horde for example, or elite barbs. No other unit does this, they all will stick to the unit they’re attacking until it moves out of range or dies.

Something else to keep in mind is that she’s not that good as a bridge spam troop. Sure, you can usually get her to connect if they have no buildings, zappies, logs, zaps, electro wizards, pekkas, electro dragons… you get the idea. If she is in a bridge spam deck, she’d be the defensive end.

A quick final note is that she can’t target buildings, while her ram will only target buildings.

So, with all that out of the way, what should you use her for? She is, perhaps ironically, really good versus bridge spam. Think of battle ram on defense, but 10x better and more practical. She can deal with swarms at a reasonable level because she won’t get stuck targeting the tank, and then can keep the tank stuck in place, unable to send your tower to the depths below. She also won’t die since her health pool is enormous, and mounts an immediate counter push.

What is she bad at? If your opponent has any of the units listed above while talking about her as a bridge spam unit, rushing with her is a weak point. Sure, she might get a little damage on their pekka, but that’s 5 elixir down the drain you could’ve used to keep that pekka in place. Bowler absolutely ruins her with no contest, since I didn’t mention it.. If she starts being popular (which she will), bowler is a good goto.

Alright, so you understand this card. Now, you’re probably wondering, how do I apply this knowledge to draft? It’s disappointing but there’s really not a whole lot to apply. It’s a draft, you can just get shafted and that’s it.

If you get the choice of picking her, I’d 100% do it. She has a decently high skill cap, but just use her like a defensive card and the ram aspect being a bonus and you’ll be fine.

Beyond that? Just be prepared to use a continue or three. It’s not a detriment either if you have the gems to spare, you’ll be getting around 50k gold and 4 legendaries + 1 of every token + the lightning chest + that emote. Which, if you need commons, rares and epics, is less than a 12 win grand challenge (because you’re basically getting none), but the legendaries and gold more than makes up for it.

Remember, it’s a draft challenge and there can always be games where you will lose no matter what you do unless your opponent chokes. Just pick yourself up and keep going, and you’ll be able to do this challenge.

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Anyway, I hope this guide helps you out with this Clash Royale Ram Rider Draft Challenge Guide and If you’re still reading to this point, I hope you have a nice day today!