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hi Guys  trustworthysauce here and todat i am going to show my Balloon Tornado Deck First of all I want to say that I have Completed my Wizard+Tornado Qombo Quests Task With This Deck

I just know the timing and capabilities of the card so well at this point. I would love to hear any suggestions you have  So come check out this Balloon Tornado Deck guide

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Balloon Tornado Deck

Balloon Tornado Deck Card Roles:

  1. Balloon: The tower crusher. Slow moving and slow attacking, but it puts out big time damage. Can be used defensively in certain circumstances (more on that later), but the main purpose is to smash towers.
  2. Wizard: One of my favorite cards. High damage aoe does work on defense as well as offense. A little squishy, so try to keep him protected.
  3. Fire Spirits: The main purpose is aoe damage, but it is also nice that enemy troops target them before they make their attack. Can stop a prince charge, redirect a giant skeleton or pekka, etc.
  4. Rage: Pretty simple spell to use. Gives you that extra edge on defense when necessary, but the big benefit is it makes your balloon move and attack faster. Best use is to wait until the balloon is close to the tower so the rage lasts for a couple bomb drops. Try to cover your support troops with it also if possible.
  5. Tornado: You might be surprised to learn that tornado is as essential to my defense as balloon is to my offense. It does some damage, but it can also be used to pull troops where you want them, and most importantly it groups enemy troops together.
  6. Baby dragon: Moderate damage aoe with more hp than the wizard and has the benefit of flying so it avoids ground attacks.
  7. Arrows: I used to use zap more often, but I have found that the extra damage from arrows and the slightly larger area of effect make a difference.
  8. Skeleton Army: Good for slowing down ground troops and can kill enemy troops (or towers) quickly if left unchecked.

How Balloon Tornado Deck works

Starting with offense: The goal is to get your balloon moving toward a tower with an aoe troop behind it for support. Most people counter balloon with minions, and even the fire spirits are strong enough to wipe out a minion horde.

Baby drag and wizard will kill the minion or spear gob counter and continue to do damage to the tower or other troops. Ideally you rage the balloon to/over the tower and get at least one drop on it.

Important to keep in mind that even if the balloon doesn’t quite manage to drop a bomb, the death bomb will deal 250+ damage to the tower and troops near it.

If your opponent goes all out on defense, you can use the tornado to suck the defending troops to the death bomb and deal a good amount of damage to all of them.

Defense: This Balloon Tornado Deck defends in a somewhat unique way that I have not seen much elsewhere. Makes your opponent think on the fly to find a way to beat you, and they often can’t unlock it in time.

The deck is built around aoe troops in part to escort the balloon, but also to team kill the entire enemy push utilizing the tornado. They have a wizard following a giant? drop a tornado and your wizard is damaging them both at the same time, while the tornado is damaging them as well, and the giant is pulled off the tower.

Pretty common for me to have drag and wizard defending, use a tornado to kill a big push by the enemy, then drop a balloon in front of the dragon and wizard for a crushing counter.

If you can manage to have dragon in front, followed by balloon, followed by wizard, and all raged to the tower it’s lights out.

Tornado + skeleton army is also a nice combo in many cases, but usually i counter big pushes by using tornado to pull troops of the tower, then skeleton army to keep them off it after the tornado ends.

Balloon Tornado Deck Weaknesses

Probably the biggest so far is siege decks. People that use infernos or multiple defensive structures are often able to keep my balloon from getting home, and of course you can’t tornado buildings.

Best bet to beat siege decks is to make positive elixir trades early, then take advantage with counter pushes before the defensive structures pop up.

Hopefully you get a tower before bonus time, because after that it’s almost impossible to push fast enough to get all the way to a tower.

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So this is my Balloon Tornado Deck guide and i help You like it some of you that are looking for a new fun deck please try this deck