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Let’s Start From Push Deck Arena 3

Hey guys, today I am going to show you an outstanding and easy to use Giant Valkyrie Push Deck Arena 3 Which will help you to Reach at Arena 7,Now which is rocking in Arena 3 at the moment as well as its working very well in I was stuck in Arena 4 for a while and Giant Valkyrie push deck became my life saver,Push Deck arena 3

  • Being stuck in the Pekka’s playhouse is really disappointed. If you constantly being paired against level 8s with level 3-4 epics, level 9 commons, level 5-7 rares, sometimes ice wizard and/or lava hound, etc. Then, you should try out this push deck. With the combo Giant, Valkyrie, and Musketeer Push Deck
  • This deck can lead your opponent to death. Moreover, it can bring you 300 trophies and help you move to Spell Valley within a few hours. Push Deck arena 3
Giant arena 3 deck



Giant is The main tank in this deck. You would like to place it in front of the ranged troops and behind the AoE clear (like Valkyrie). Mine is at level 5, but above 3 is acceptable. You can replace Giant with Giant Skeleton or Pekka.As you know, a good push is made from 3 components: aoe clear, tank, and ranged troop. The basic version is Valkyrie + Giant + Musketeer Push Deck arena 3


     Push Deck up to Arena 5

Hog Cycle Push Deck arena 5 Hello Clashers, A Hog bomb tower deck without Legendaries or Epics that you can use starting in arena 5! It has helped me stay competitive in both tournaments and in the Legendary Arena with level 10 commons and 7 rares. This deck was built to counter the most common cards in the meta right now, which is why it works so well Hog Cycle Push Deck arena 5

Hog Cycle deck


This Hog Cycle Push Deck arena 5 does not rely on overpowered cards to win. Rather, it uses synergy and the element of surprise to win. Because of this, the deck has a high learning curve so you should definitely give the Hog Cycle deck a lot of practice. This is to your advantage because as you get better at the deck, you will play in a way that is very uncommon in the meta which will help you beat the meta. Hog Cycle Push Deck arena 5

    Push Deck up to Arena 7

Best Miner Push Deck arena 7,Hey guys it’s H! AaqibzZz and today I am going to share with you my favorite Miner deck. Miner is an amazing troop, one of the deadliest cards in Clash Royale,This deck is one of the cheapest yet a very effective deck for trophy pushing. I have tested it myself and it give me a good match result. Since I haven’t shared deck for lower arena, I hope this will give you some good ideas and techniques for trophy pushing, Best Miner Push Deck arena 7

Best Miner Deck

The idea here is basically to use this deck like a Hog Rider Cycle deck but with the Miner. Miner and Hog Rider are used to soak damage and protect your Goblins, Archers, Minions,… allow them to deal insane amount of damage. This is a very low Elixir cost deck so you can easily cycle it and keep sending your Hog and Miner.

Ideally, place your Goblins 2 tiles in front of your Arena Tower and send your Miner next to the targeted Tower at the same time. By doing this, once your Goblins have crossed the river, your Miner pops up and soaks damage for them. If your opponent plays any small troop such as Minion, Goblin, Skeleton… Zap them right away! Although you can only deal hundreds damage each push but as stated above, this is a very low cost deck, you can easy cycle the deck and launch bunches of attacks each battle.Best Miner Push Deck arena 7


Note: Generally this deck works very smooth. The success rate of this deck is fairly well and most importantly, you dont have to change your deck over and over again. Have faith on this deck and make it to the Royal Arena

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