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Hi to all. I isssma just want to share the Three Musketeer Miner Deck I used to reach 4k trophies. Overall, this is a very fun deck to play, and hope those who plans to use it will have fun too! Three musketeers is by far, my most favorite card of all. When I was new to legendary arena, I posted another deck which was very similar to this deck,Using this deck, I breezed through 3.4k, and went straight to 4k, with about 80% winrate. Before that, while grinding for my three musketeers, I was using a frankendeck with 5 legendaries, since I have no decent leveled cards, and decided to level-up my three musketeers. I hovered consistently around 3.4k before using the come and take a look at this Three Musketeer Miner Deck guide

Three Musketeer Miner Deck

Three Musketeer Miner Deck Card Role:

  • Three Musketeer– The bread and butter of this deck. This card deals insane amount of damage, forces your opponent to play defensively, and restricts the opponents response when split from the back. I almost exclusively play this split at the back of the tower, except when an opponent’s tower is down, and I could place it in his base. This is a great counter to Elite Barbarians, and provides a very good counterpush. Works best in defense and offense, which is to be expected when looking at its insane 9 elixir cost.
  • Miner– Miner is, by far, the best support card for the three musketeer. You can use it also, to play mind games, deal chip damage to your opponent, kill princesses and pumps, but mostly, use it to tank for the musketeers.
  • Princess – Princess is my favorite legendary card. They are great at killing barbs, at dealing chip damage, killing swarm troops, spawners, and is overall a great card. When thinking of a cheap, 3 elixir, cycle card, princess would be one of the top choices.
  • Ice Wiz – Due to this deck’s lack of buildings, and overall, high risk, high reward playstyle, Ice wiz is almost necessary. Use it to minimize damage taken from royal giants, make giants easier to kill before he reaches the tower.
  • Barbarian – Barbs are the best defensive card in the game, period. More spell resistant than horde, and can tank a lot of hits, while dealing huge damage. When at an elixir surplus, barbarians are also great tanks for the musketeers for a push that is very difficult to stop. Also, barbs + miner combo deals a lot of damage when left unchecked, and is very useful against lava+lightning decks.
  • Mega Minion – The best aspect of mega minion, is that, when combined with an ice wizard, is a beastly defensive combination. And mega minion taking no damage from a lot of troops, means that your opponent will need to react with another troop or spell after mega minion decimates his push. Also, I once won a game, using a Mega minion counterpush, with miner, using zap to retarget. Opponent was caught off-guard, and lost from a 1300 HP advantage.
  • Zap – As you can see, my zap is just at a humble level 9, and with this zap nerf, it can’t even kill goblins. But zap is the most important spell in this deck, due to the retarget mechanism. Musketeer being targeted by tower? Miner + Zap to deal over 2000 damage if left unanswered. It is also very useful when your opponents best counter to musk is Skarmy
  • Fireball – Fireball is the most balanced spell in the game. Medium in everything. You can substitute anything here (especially log), however, Fireball is very usefull in dealing huge damage to three musk responses like barbs, bomber, wiz, and for dealing huge damage and reducing annoyances from furnace. Also, once a battle is at a stalemate, I just deal chip damage, using miner and fireball, and play full defensively, to win many games.

Three Musketeer Miner Deck Options:

  1. Elite Barbs over Barbs – on nthis deck, I will take barbs over elite barbs. Three musketeer deals all the damage that you need, and barbs higher total HP is more useful. Also, Elite Barb’s speed means that it will tank less effectively than regular barbs
  2. Log over Fireball – Unfortunately, I don’t have the log. However, it destroys princess more easily, and provides area denial, pushes back tanks to make three musk target tower better. But still, I’d pick fireball, as it is very important in killing minion hordes, and it is probably the best spell for racking up positive elixir trades.

Three Musketeer Miner Deck Play Tips:

  1. Split three musketeers is very useful. However, if facing lava lightning decks, putting it on a side will resist lightning more, since one lightning blast will hit the tower. When facing fireball, always split three musketeer.
  2. When playing at 3.3k above, at least a level 8 three musk is almost necessary. Level 8 fireballs are fairly common, and is the only reason as to why I leveled my three musketeer up.
  3. Don’t be afraid to take damage. A hog or an elite barb dealing over a thousand damage to your tower is fine, as long as you rack up a big counterpush with it.

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Go ahead and I hope you’ll have as much fun playing this Princess Three Musketeer Miner Deck as I do. If you used my deck and found out that changing something worked better for you, please leave a comment below!