Princess Mortar deck

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Princess Mortar deck Broke 4K  Trophies

Hi guys Riddle0219 here After 3 days of floating between 3900-3990 I finally managed to hit 4K. This  Princess Mortar deck is essentially a traditional miner tempo-burn deck with a mortar instead of a cannon. I label this deck as a siege-burn deck since it is a mix of siege and burn components, it can be played as a typical miner deck or as a siege deck, it depends on your opponent. This isn’t a pure siege mortar deck and miner is still the primary winning condition.  Princess Mortar deck

Princess Mortar deck

I’m aware my card levels are not exceptional and that some people have broke 4K with lower level cards but I’m happy I did it while having fun. I used to play a pure-siege mortar deck when it was popular but I also enjoyed miner ever since I first bought him from the shop, so why not use a bit of both?Here’s a quick overview of every card and its function:  Princess Mortar deck

Princess Mortar deck Card Role:

Miner is your primary winning condition and the entire deck revolves around him. Use him to take out collectors, princesses and tank for your support troops. He can finish off a weakened tower and chip its HP constantly. A nice trick to get the collector is to place your mortar offensively first and then send the miner immediately. Most players will ignore the miner and try to tackle the mortar, Princess Mortar deck


Mortar is your secondary winning condition and an extremely versatile card. The fact it is a common makes it easy to level up, which is great. As a defense, it is very underrated as it contains lots of HP and does really good splash damage, so it kinda helps with this deck’s weakness against the 3 musketeers. Use it offensively by placing it one tile away from the river and one tile to the right/left (it depends on which side you are attacking). Use it defensively as you’d use a tesla or a cannon when you need to, there’s no disadvantage as the miner is still your primary winning condition so you don’t always have to rely on the mortar for damage

Princess is your winning condition’s main support and she’s my favorite card in the game – She is irreplaceable in this deck and fulfills many roles such as baiting out spells, causing dual lane pressure, clearing out small/medium hordes, defending your mortar, defending your towers, etc. Princess Mortar deck

Inferno, Replacement: None

No, I will not stoop low enough to suggest using the inferno dragon with this deck. Never. Inferno is an amazing giant, golem, and lava hound killer. Royale Giants are rare right now in legendary, but more on that later. Anyways, ice spirit should and can be used if they opponent zaps the inferno. Positive elixir trade! If the opponent places a giant to kill the mortar Princess Mortar deck

Elixir Collector is a fundamental card in this deck and a very powerful meta card right now. Use this card to get an advantage whenever you can. Don’t neglect leveling it up as well – I’m trying to get mine up to level 8 right now. Princess Mortar deck

Guards: are amazing. The mainly serve two purposes in this deck: to kill Mini Pekka’s and Inferno Towers. These 2 cards are the most likely to counter the Mortar, and Guards make swiss cheese of both.

Spear Goblins are a cheap card that work great as a distraction and deal chip damage. They actually work better than goblins because they lure troops to a specific location and they provide low end air defense against stuff like minions since your only ranged attacker is the princess, Princess Mortar deck

Zap is your only spell and one of the best cards in the game. Extremely versatile, use it on offense and defense as needed. Not much to explain as most of you already know how zap works. When defending the mortar from minions/horde, use princess + zap for maximum efficiency. Princess Mortar deck

I’m not a fan of super long deck guides as I think explaining the basics is enough and people who want to experiment the deck can just play it and learn from experience. Princess Mortar deck

Once again, kudos to Woody for having the idea of swapping the cannon for the mortar, it works extremely well as a siege-hybrid deck and it’s really fun to play. If you’re familiar with this type of miner decks it shouldn’t be hard to pick up and you’d only need to adjust to the mortar.Princess Mortar deck

Thanks for reading!