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Princess Miner deck Arena 6+

Hi Guys Today Riddle0219 here and I’m sharing something more personal with you guys – My own Princess Miner deck that got me to 3600 trophies. Before explaining the Princess Miner deck itself I’ll start with a full disclaimer – I’m not the best player in the world and I’m aware some people have made it higher with equal/higher level cards and I’m not F2P as I’ve spent about 50€ on the game. Regardless,I want this Princess Miner deck guide to be friendly towards F2P and low spenders and that’s why the deck I’m sharing contains a total of 5 common cards.let’s take a look on this Princess Miner deck

Princess Miner deck

Princess Miner deck  Card Role:

  • Miner (Level 1) – This guy is your main winning condition. Use him to destroy elixir collectors, kill princesses and tank for your support troops either reactively after an elixir positive defense with any troop (minions, goblins, mini-pekka) or proactively by sending him and then placing troops at the bridge. Even at level 1 he packs a punch and despite this being a miner deck it is more dependent on the level of your commons than your miner himself. Always prioritize destroying collectors if your opponent has one
  • Princess (Level 2) – The best support card in the game due to her versatility. She fits most miner decks well and due to this deck not running poison or fireball she is a better fit than ice wizard due to her area of damage. Use her on defense to kill swarms, play her proactively to support your push, snipe enemy princesses or chip away damage at the tower. Prioritize using her on defense specially if your opponent uses cheap swarms, and then you can do a counterpush. Princess Miner deck
  • Mini-Pekka (Level 7) – Your secondary winning condition. Great defensive card, play her against high HP troops like giant, royal giant, golem or any medium HP troop like hog, musketeer (if necessary), valkyrie, etc. Mount a counterpush when you can, I prefer to save my mini pekka for defense specially if the opponent is running RG, hog or a mirror miner deck. Sometimes it is ok to play her proactively if you have a big advantage. This girl is your secondary winning condition, so get her to the tower when you can and have zap ready, Princess Miner deck
  • Minion Horde (Level 10) – A very versatile high risk high reward card, my favorite card in the game and I’ll admit I’m biased towards it. Use them on defense to crush large pushes without splash damage support, use them against air troops like balloon and LH and then (if they are zapped) use your miner to tank for them. If your opponent doesn’t run fireball/poison, wastes it or just doesn’t have a lot of splash you can do a miner – MH push proactively and you many take a tower. MH is also decent against 3 musketeers which is a weakness of my deck. If your opponent can oneshot your MH it may be hard to win but it is possible if you play conservatively, Princess Miner deck
  • Cannon (Level 10) – IMO the best defense on ladder due to versatility and cheap cost. Use it to distract and chip away RG’s, hogs and any troop that goes for buildings or even troops like PEKKA or Prince if necessary. For example, one of my favorite ways of countering a PEKKA is by placing cannon and distracting her with goblins or freezing her with ice spirit. Obviously cannon isn’t very strong so support it with other defensive troops, it’s there to lure troops and distract. If it gets nerfed hard it could be replaced with a tesla for an acceptable higher elixir average, Princess Miner deck
  • Goblins (Level 10) – Cheap versatile card, I love this card and they can be used for many things. Used them to distract, aggro, chip damage and to support your pushes. Your most simple yet efficient (if not countered fast or properly) is miner + goblins. I do this when my opponent opens with elixir collector. If the goblins reach the tower they can do crazy damage, Princess Miner deck
  • Ice spirit (Level 10) – My recent addition and a really good card! I used to run fire spirits in there and before I had ice wizard. I ditched ice wizard because I wanted a cheaper more offensive and fast paced deck and I ditched fire spirits because I wanted an even cheaper card that could do better on defense and wasn’t as prone to zap. These guys can survive zap up to one level higher which is good against higher level players. Use them on defense paired with cannon or pretty much against any troop you may want to freeze such as a RG if you don’t have cannon. Use them on offense to support your mini-pekka, ice spirit + zap can kill higher level goblins and (I’m not sure) equal level minions. Also they can take out an already damaged princess
  • Zap (Level 10) – Simply the best spell in the game, there’s not much to add here. Use it for the usual stuff, clear cheap troops, stun enemies when you are defending, make towers retarget against your miner, etc.

Princess Miner deck Guide:

This deck is a cycle deck. It is not always beneficial to cycle back to your miner but you can do it really well as it only costs 2.9. Depending on your opponent there are two ways to play this deck – By playing slowly and converting defense into offense by using the miner or by proactively attacking. Depending on your opponent you may want to use one or the other. For example, against mirror miner decks I defend first but against PEKKA double prince I proactively push the other lane Princess Miner deck 

I’m generally not a fan of being too detailed on guides because everyone has their own way of playing and figuring out a certain deck so I’ll just leave you guys with the basics.