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Hi guys My name is 1UMIN3SCENT, and like many of you, the meta has grown a tad bit stale for me. I reached 4k a couple months back with a tournament standard bowler graveyard deck, and wondered about what to do next. Pushing on the ladder didn’t really satisfy me, and I felt pretty bored with the game. I decided to try to experiment with different win conditions, and have managed to fall back to 3800 and then push back to 4000 trophies multiple times. In the past two weeks, I have been obsessed with building a Miner Cycle Deck to help you guys reach 4k.So come and take a look at this Miner Cycle Deck guide

Miner Cycle Deck

Miner Cycle Deck Card Role:

  • Miner

Your primary win condition. Attack with him whenever you can, but make sure to mix up his placement! My personal favorite is on the inside of the arena tower, 1 tile on either side of the center most tile so that he won’t be targeted by both towers. One good combination is miner + guards after they finish defending. If your opponent counters your miner with skArmy, file that information away and then on your next miner push place him in front of the arena tower, followed by a princess at the bridge. Your princess will splash out the skArmy, and your opponent will be forced to use two more cards lest s/he incurs massive damage. The miner can be used on defense if it’s desperate, as he is essentially just a less tanky knight.

  • Princess

She is just fabulous! The only splash troop in this deck, she should always be placed in front of the king tower in the opposite lane that you are being attacked on/attacking, so that she can shoot at both lanes from a nice safe distance(or at the bridge, like in the situation above). She is great in combination with the ice golem(or spirit) against minions, and you can use her to snipe other princesses placed behind your opponents arena tower by placing her at the bridge before the other princess is in range. If untouched by any other troops, your princess will survive the duel and continue to punish the opponent.


  • Inferno Tower

I am using the inferno tower because it is the most reliable defense in the game. It is the perfect counter to the lavaloon, and is also great against the rg, the golem pump deck, as well as doing decently well against hogs. If you use a 4×2 plant, it will kill ebarbs. While it is true that placing the inferno tower preemptively is generally a poor decision, if your opponent places a giant/golem/hound in the back and you are overflowing in elixir, it isn’t a terrible play considering all the other defensive options that you have. Against the rg, consider alternating your placement from the center->in front of the arena tower, so that your opponent cannot distract it so easily.

  • Fireball

Currently one of the best spells in the game, the fireball is the best spell for this deck. I tested rocket as well, but it was just too much elixir, and rarely gets good value. The fireball is perfect for countering many meta cards, and pairs well with the splash of the princess and the log.

  • Guards

The runner, a card that can be used to transition from defense to offense. It is your secondary defense, extremely important against elite barbs in tandem with the ice golem, and your best defense against the graveyard. Fabulous against tanks as well, it is just an all around great card.

  • The Log

Chip, chip, chip. The Log damages the tower and controls a lane in ways that zap cannot. It is invaluable when it comes to stopping big ground pushes and is great against hogs, ebarbs and skArmys. A general rule of thumb is to never play the log, or any card really, until the last possible moment. I cannot count how many times I have waited until the moment before it was too late and added extra value to a log. Take advantage of its crazy long roll, and make positive elixir trades.

  • Ice Golem

There is a reason that this card is used in almost every deck in the game. It is simply a mini tank, ice wall, and stalling card, for only two elixir. It always gets value, and is extremely important as it is the best defense against elite barbs in this deck. The ice golem is another good counter against graveyard, as it will kill skeletons of equal level. Against elite barbs, you can place it in the middle on the tile closest to or second closest to the river to pull both of them, and then follow up with the aforementioned guards. Everyone knows how good the ice golem is, and it was a foregone conclusion to put him in this deck.

  • Ice Spirit

The ice spirit is the card that makes this deck so fast at cycling. It is great at stalling troops, and has saved me many a time against lavaloon, allowing my inferno to demolish the hound and the balloon. Along with the ice golem, the ice spirit also pairs very well with the princess, allowing her to oneshot minions, and get extra shots on barbs. When not playing defense, the ice spirit is the #1 card I use to pair with the miner. Generally, I will play the ice spirit at the bridge, and then immediately send in the miner. The ice spirit will tank for two shots, and then freeze the tower for 1.5 seconds, whilst doing over 100 damage. Talk about value! The one caveat is that if you’re ice spirit is a lower level than your opponents arena towers, it will not make it to the tower. This is frustrating, but you only need to send in the miner before the ice spirit, and it will work almost as well.

Miner Cycle Deck Matchups:

The Good:

  1. hog freeze-place the inferno when they send the hog, wait for freeze, then place guards + counterpush with miner and chip down their tower
  2. lavaloon-make them split up their push by sending a miner combo to opposite lane, then place inferno + ice spirit
  3. golem decks-protect your inferno + keep chipping away with miner combinations, or just lone miners
  4. giant decks-easy to defend + chip away at their tower, hard for them to stop your quick attacks

The Bad:

  1. balloon decks-inferno + princess often won’t cut it, all they need is to get it to the tower once
  2. bowler graveyard freeze-guards get frozen, difficult to punish the opponent’s elixir disadvantage because of the bowler
  3. rg-through no fault of the deck, just that level 12/13 rg vs level 8 inferno=loss, anticipate that they will zap your inferno and place guards a few seconds after you place the inferno. Better safe than sorry.
  4. 2.6 elixir hog deck-very difficult to keep up with the tempo + not great against hog in general

Miner Cycle Deck Possible Substitutions

If you don’t have the princess or the log, or if you just prefer miner control to miner chip, you can do this: princess->minions, guards->bowler, and the log->zap. These substitutions will make the deck a bit heavier(2.9 elixir->3.1 elixir), and also increase its defense capabilities against ebarbs and hogs, as the bowler is just fantastic against them.

Miner Cycle Deck Conclusion

I have had a great deal of success with this fun off meta deck, and I hope that it will help you reach your ladder goals whilst enjoying being different and challenging yourself. Feel free to comment me if you have anything you want to discuss about it 🙂

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Thanks for reading this Miner Cycle Deck All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.