princess lumberjack deck

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Princess Lumberjack Deck Arena 7+

Hi Guys SamKouteili here I’m a new level 10 that has 4k as my PB and I made it to 3700 as a lvl 9 with tournament standard cards. I love chip decks. My favorite card is the recently acquired Lumberjack, although I find it really weak in comparison to the mini pekka, it’s just a fun card to play around with!princess lumberjack deck

My most effective/best card is the Ice Spirit and the cards I think are the most underrated are either the Knight, Ice Golem or the cannon! Now let’s move on to the princess lumberjack deck.

princess lumberjack deck

Princess Lumberjack Deck Card Role:

  • Ice Spirit – In my opinion it’s the the most effective and versatile card in the game! This card honestly generates so many positive elixir trades. It has great synergy with most cards in this game! Ice Spirit + Princess/Zap works great on swarm units, while Ice Spirit + Cannon/Lumberjack or Knight work great on mid health troops or heavy hitters.
  • Goblins – When I first built the deck I was using spear goblins, which is why their in the image, but I just got my Goblins to lvl 11, so some players can’t zap them, giving me a great advantage. Now personally I find the spear goblins to be a better card, and if you have an ice wizard it could work in this spot (I don’t really have him). However Goblins/Spear Goblins are quite some nice DPS. If archers were to be made a fast card however, it would be the perfect card in this slot, so if you’d like to try to make them work, give them a go. Heck guards or mega minion could also work here! Basically this is kind of a flex spot, but a cheap card is preffered! princess lumberjack deck
  • Knight – This vanilla tank is truly quite the underrated card! I’m really surprised he doesn’t get much play, but honestly with the ice golem just released he sadly won’t get much light of day. Nonetheless this beast is really strong on defense. It’s great against both cycle decks and goison decks. His tankiness and ability to deal some damage makes him great on defense against cheap swarms or heavy hitters. A giant plus mega minion can be stopped with a well placed cannon and a knight for a positive elixir tradetm . I’ve been experimenting with Ice Golem in this spot with fire spirits for ice spirit, but my ice golem is only lvl 4. Honestly if you’ve got nothing to play and your panicking, you’ll rarely go wrong with the knight! swarm troops coming at you with a tank, just knight them down! heavy hitter with splash coming down the lane, just play knight! Knight will survive three hits from a Pekka and three hits from a mini pekka with fire spirits! Got a hog and goblins coming at you and you’ve only got three elixir, just play knight and allow him to tank the gobs while killing the hog till you regenerate the elixir for zap! Hell got minions or mega minion coming at you, just tank with knight! Considering guards as well, but I feel like Knight will just be more effective!
  • Miner – The pseudo tank of the deck, the Lumberjack is really squishy, that’s why I need a knight on defense and miner on offense, both acting as versatile tanks for the lumberjack! However this card does serve several purposes, such as finishing out a match, something this deck would otherwise struggle with without any high DPS spells. Furthermore it takes out pumps for great elixir trades (especially post update) and if they start swarming princesses, he’s a good shut down!
  • Princess – I’ve considered changing her so many times for the likes of fire spirits or musketeer (because this deck lacks air defense) but everytime I remember simply how versatile it is and how much value this card generates! It’s a great card in so many situations! Also if three muski decks decide to go all out and play all three muskies in one lane on the back, having two of this card down constantly sniping them will completely destroy their push, and for some reasons the three muski players like to ignore it! Great synergy with zap taking out several cards. However I really struggle when lvl 12 zaps take her out!
  • Lumberjack – The main win condition in this deck. With the right amount of support it’s stronger than the mini pekka on offense, however a lot weaker on defense. This is why the knight, or any other cheap tank really, is crucial in this deck as it synergises with the lumberjack. This card is honestly just lots of fun to play. It reaches the tower fairly often and the way it zooms past everything is entertaining. Just a fun offensive card, although IMO it does need a slight HP or damage buff.
  • Cannon– This card has fallen out of metta, but for the wrong reasons. It’s really really strong against giant, in fact when played right it can straight up take out a giant! However this card makes this deck weak to air, and inferno may be better in the deck, but I simply just like my trusty reliable not zappable cannon.
  • Zap – Do I really need to write about this card, it’s just really the most versatile card in the game in my opinion…

Princess Lumberjack Deck General Guidelines

This deck play-style does’t really fall under any particular category, if I had to call it anything, it would be a Offensive Control Cycle Deck which means you want to play passively for the first bit of the game, but once you’ve established an elixir advantage you’re going to convert to a very chip cycle oriented offensive aggressive play-style, princess lumberjack deck


where you apply constant pressure for a spurt of time. The name of the game is your opponent can’t handle the constant pressure, and if he doesn’t have overleved barbs (the card I hate the most in the game by far), he won’t be able to deal with the pressure. Also with the cards in this deck mostly out of metta, people don’t really know how to properly deal with the pushes, I find lost of people playing the wrong card even though they’ve got the hard counter (usually overleved fucking barbs) in their cycle. This deck contains a lot of un-common synergies that are very effective, especially on defense! princess lumberjack deck

Princess Lumberjack Deck Defense :

The phrase “offense is the best defense” comes to mind when thinking of this deck’s defense. This deck is very strong on defense and making positive elixir trades of sub-large pushes. However, you never want them to build a push larger than 12 elixir! This can easily be done by lightly pushing the other lane!

This deck contains several means or creating light pushes that will deal exhorbitant amounts of damage if left undefended. Lumberjack + Ice Spirit, Miner + Goblins, hell even pressuring with a princess on the bridge on the other lane works well. The reasoning for this is to disrupt their push! By pressuring the other lane, you’re forcing them to expend elixir and/or use a card they wanted to use on offense for defense.

The best scenario is when they waste their mega minion or heavy hitter on defense, as that makes their push so much easier to deal with, and this deck has several means of dealing with a lone heavy hitter. princess lumberjack deck


So that’s it, my first deck guide. and it’s too long. I’d love some feedback On this Princess Lumberjack Deck