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Princess Inferno Dragon deck Arena+

Hey guys, it’s BochocK again, and today I’m back with yet another awesome LumberJack Princess Inferno Dragon deck Arena+,This plays like any TANK+elixir pump deck, defend/sacrifice units until you have 2 pump active before placing Lava Hound (LH). The exception being if they attack your pumps, then survive until X2 elixir and push then with 1 elixir pump active. Princess Inferno Dragon deck

 Princess Inferno Dragon deck

Princess Inferno Dragon deck Card Role:

Fire Spirit : Clear the path for Inferno Dragon on attack, also a very good and cheap defensive tool versus swams or even prince/mini pekka/LumberJack (LJ) and applies some burst to some defensive units that will then get taken down by Mega Minion (MM) or LJ.

Princess : Always think of her as a defensive tool or cicle first, but she’s very usefull for the Lava Hound push as well, prefer position on the sides to avoid her being sniped by troops too easly or being fireballed/poisoned alongside your elixir collector. Use her to cicle by chiping the tower and force your oppenent to play something you will counter. (Do not do that if you don’t have a good hand to defend)


Mega Minion : By far your best card, amazing in defense, he’s also a killer when placed right behind LH during your push (use the shadows to place it correctly). If he reaches the tower with hound alive it will basicly get you the tower automaticly, especially if LJ died recently !  Princess Inferno Dragon deck

Inferno Dragon : Primarely a defensive tool versus the numerous giant decks out there, but also amazing on offense since it CANNOT be ignored, players will often use zap on him and then be defenseless versus puppies. Needless to say if he fully charges on a tower it’s as good as dead.

LumberJack : Good on defense and offense also. On defense, place it either behind a tank with MM after to take down supporting troops and boost MM if he dies OR right by your tower so that when he dies the rage will boost your tower and other defensive troops. ALWAYS try to play LJ as soon as the ennemy tower locks on your LH. The LJ will olbiterate any ground supporting troops while either dying and boost the rest of your terrifying army OR reach their tower and destroy it.  Princess Inferno Dragon deck

Poison : One of the best card in the game if not THE best. Use it on their elixir collector to cycle to yours, on defense (position centered on their bridge to affect supporting troops) as soon as their giant crosses the bridge, and of course on attack as soon as they lay down defensive troops (preferably not preemptively, since you clearly have more important expensive cards to play (MM, LJ, Inferno Dragon))

Elixir Collector : The deck does not work without it, there are very good videos and gides to learn how to use it, since it’s very complicated I won’t talk about it unless requested. Consider placing it in the corner 1 tile closer to your king tower so you are not blocked from playing LH in the corner. If they play miner, place it inbetween towers or behind your tower if you have a reactive LJ to play versus their miner.

Lava Hound : place it in very the corner of the map and not behind king’s tower to avoid being pulled in the middle by a building. Important note, if LJ is attacking the tower when LH dies, the tower will attack LJ and not the Puppies who will then benefit from the Rage spell.

Princess Inferno Dragon deck Strategy :

BE VERY PATIENT, it is really ok to use your tower’s HP instead of elixir when your big push start is ready or has already started.If they attack the other tower when you place your LH, deal with it with minimal defense and focus on your push. Princess Inferno Dragon deck

I have won many 3 crown games because the opponent overcomitted on the tower opposite to my LH push, I lost it, and then went to get their crown tower AND king’s tower with the same push, very easy with 1 or 2 inferno dragons and a poison casted on them for protection 😀

The defense is very tricky with this deck, a good exemple of defense versus giants is to wait for giant to cross the bridge and kill several supporting troops BEFORE killing the giant with LJ + Fire spirit +/- MM. (in that order).Be carefull while defending with Inferno Dragon, don’t rely on him alone, it doesn’t have much hp and can be interrupted with zap.Princess Inferno Dragon deck

Princess Inferno Dragon deck Disclamier :

YES, I know, this deck has 4 legendaries in it and I would not recommend changing them except maybe Inferno dragon, but I’ll still give some clues about substitutions. I wanted to share it since I gained 300 trophies (from 3000) with it and have gone 12-2 in classic challenge 2 times ! With that delt with, let’s begin.

This plays like any TANK+elixir pump deck, defend/sacrifice units until you have 2 pump active before placing Lava Hound (LH). The exception being if they attack your pumps, then survive until X2 elixir and push then with 1 elixir pump active.  Princess Inferno Dragon deck

Do not use pump after 1:00 except if you know for sure there will be overtime (all towers almost full HP after 2 min is a good clue 😛)

That’s all for now, don’t hesistate to ask for more in depth strategy ! Any constructed criticism is welcome. Be sure to ask any question that comes to your mind !

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  1. javier

    Very nice and intersenting deck, i have tested it a bit and works so well, could u give more information about it or something more ? have u modified the deck? Thanks a lot for yot help bro!

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