Princess Guide

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Hello Guys you might have seen me before, I’m at 4014 trophies, in the clan Silent, and I’m here to explain the synergy of clash royale How To Use Princess Guide,

“This stunning Princess shoots flaming arrows from long range. If you’re feeling warm feelings towards her, it’s probably because you’re on fire”

Princess Guide



Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Type Rarity
3 Medium 1 sec 9 Air & Ground 3 Troop Legendary

Level Hitpoints Area Damage Damage per second
1 216 140 46
2 237 154 51
3 261 169 56
4 287 186 62
5 315 204 68

Princess Guide Counters

Hard Counters:

Princess is a card that you have to react to. If you don’t she will gain massive value. Some of the best counters for Princess are:

  1. The Log – Level 1 Log will not kill a Level 3 Princess
  2. Miner – He will also chip the tower and you can send something cheap like goblins to pressure the tower
  3. Arrows
  4. Fireball – While hitting the tower

Other Counters:

  1. You can counter princess once she reaches the bridge, but be wary of your opponent defending her.
  2. Stab Goblins can tank 1 hit from her and kill her
  3. Guards can also tank hits from her and kill her
  4. Mini Pekka/Lumberjack can kill her + counter push
  5. Mega Minion
  6. Archers

These next cards will require you to wait until the Princess locks onto your Tower:

  1. Spear Goblins
  2. Fire Spirits
  3. Skeletons


Princess is one of the best cards to use as bait. She can bait out your opponents spells so you can then attack using an offensive strategy such as Miner and Minions.

I usually place Princess behind the King Tower letting her snipe anything that comes into range, while waiting for my opponent to react. If they play a spell to counter her I usually send an offensive push in the opposite lane to see how they counter or see if they have any other spells . With the recent buff to The Log, Princess has seen a reduction in popularity. When you know your opponent has The Log, you will need to use Princess sparingly. use princess

I usually will wait to use Princess until my opponent starts building a push. I will use her to create pressure then after they use The Log I am now safe to use Tombstone, or Skeleton Army.

Vice Versa, I can also force my opponent to use The Log on Tombstone or Skeleton Army, baiting out their Log so I can safely place Princess onto the field. use princess

Offensive Princess Guide

I rarely use Princess offensively, but the times I do are:

  1. To create Pressure in the opposite lane by dropping her at the bridge
  2. To kill my opponents Princess – While it’s distracted
  3. To chip down a Defensive Building, such as Inferno Tower – Also causing them to react to my Princess and spending their elixir
  4. To chip their Crown Tower – Especially when I am close to being able to Rocket their tower

Defensive Princess Guide

I find that Princess is best used on Defense in the opposite lane that your opponent is pushing. It forces them to react to her, causing them to spend elixir with a direct damage spell or splitting their push by using a unit to kill her.

Another good spot to use Princess on Defense is behind or next to the King’s Tower. Wait for your opponents push to be in range then place her down under the protection of the King. Your opponent won’t be able to easily react without accidentally activating the King’s Tower.

A common mistake I see is people putting Princess next to their Crown Tower in the same lane that their opponent is pushing. This allows your opponent to counter her with a direct damage spell while damaging your already weak tower.

Unless you know your opponents rotation Do Not rely on Princess to fully defend a push. She can be countered with a Spell causing you to take a lot of damage to your tower. I usually pair princess with another card on defense. use princess

Creating Pressure

Princess should not be ignored. She will gain a lot of value if you choose to ignore her. She is a Princess after all and requires immediate attention.

Placing her at the bridge in the opposite lane is a common method used to create pressure and split your opponents push.

Another method I like to use is placing her on the opposite side next to the Crown Tower that your opponent’s push is notheaded towards. She can snipe your opponents push safely there and if they decide to counter they won’t damage your weakened tower.

Note – She and Tombstone can be hit with Arrows / Lightning in the picture but I was aware of my opponent’s rotation

Defending Princess

Princess is such a versatile card, you will want to keep her on the field as long as possible. If your opponent counters her with Miner, be ready to place something down to defend her. Some good cards to do this are:

  1. Ice Spirit – Ice spirit, a shot from the princess, and the Tower can defend a Princess for 1 Elixir leaving her with a sliver of health but able to be Zapped
  2. Ice Golem – Can be used to distract/kite the Miner
  3. Guards/Goblins/Skeletons – Surround her with these to distract/kill the Miner

If your opponent always places fire spirits/goblins/etc. when your Princess reaches the bridge, be prepared to Zap/Log them before they can kill her.


A useful tactic I like to use is distracting my opponent using the Princess. After I discover their counter/card rotation I will usually place a Princess in the opposite lane that I am pushing. While my opponent is distracted and deciding on how to counter her I will quickly send an offensive push.

This causes them to spend elixir on defending my push rather than countering my Princess, allowing her to gain value in the process. If they choose to counter my Princess first they will almost always take damage to their Tower since their defense is delayed.

Useful Information

  • Be wary of placing a princess down to defend a push and your opponent sending a Miner to distract her. I like to avoid putting her next to the King’s Tower if my opponent is playing a Miner deck. Instead I put her in the center towards the opposite lane so that she can kill the minions/goblins/etc.
  • Her Area of Effect range is the same size as a RocketIndicated by the red circle
  • She has a range of 9 Tiles so don’t place her too close, let her snipe.

Princess Guide Decks

Usually, Princess is seen in Chip Cycle decks, or Bait decks, where she shines the most in.

Although she does make an excellent support with tanks, it’s tough to rely solely on her in a Beatdown deck.

  1. Princess Miner Deck Arena 6 Push to Legendary Arena
  2. Clash Royale-LumberJack Princess Inferno Dragon deck Arena+
  3. Clash Royale-Best Hut Princess Spawner Deck Arena 6+
  4. Best Miner Princess Tournament deck
  5. Clash Royale-Grand Challenge Miner Inferno Control 3.0 Deck Guide


Since this is already a lengthy Princess Guide I will go into more detail with a few Deck Guide’s including the Princess in the future Shared by 1998CR