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Princess the Strongest legendary

Hi Guys’ Kovalevy here today i am goiing to talk about how to make Princess the strongest legendary so I’ve always said that Ice Wizard is the best legendary because of his defensive capabilities. However, about a week ago I learned something new about the Princess. After using the new strategy with her, I’d say she is the best legendary in the game. I’m sure some of you already know this but I’m also sure most of you don’t. At least not many of my opponents are using her like I’m going to write. So let me share this strategy with you.

Most players use princess as a defensive card to kill those minions or any other small troops behind a giant or any other tank. She is also a good replacement for zap/arrows/fireball if you don’t have them if your hand when you need them. After a successful defense she will help you counter pushing the opponent. That’s what we all know about Princess, that’s what I knew about Princess few weeks ago. I used to replace the Princess with a Poison in all my decks. I thought Poison was more versatile since you can use it to kill an elixir collector as well as slow down all the troops.


So how to make Princess the strongest legendary, you may ask. The answer is using her offensively. Now don’t say you knew that already, let me go into details.


When you’re defending, always put your princess on the other lane, the lane your opponent is not attacking. This allows your Princess to defend the push and give the pressure to the other lane after defending successfully. Princess is the only card in the game that can do damage endlessly if not dealt with. So if you’re playing against Giant decks, this strategy will blow your mind.

By playing her on the other lane, after she has defended, she has already payed her price (=3 elixir). Not only she does chip damage to the opponent’s tower, it forces your opponent to play something on that lane. If your opponent has a heavy deck, like the giant poison deck, he/she has no cards to deal with her. Thus your opponent gets rid of their support card for their push and this is how you make their deck unorganized.

If you keep doing this through the whole game, their deck is a mess, they can’t do the pushes they want, they defend with awkward cards. You simply gain a nice advantage. A single princess of mine has literally done over 1000 damage just because of this strategy. Just because my opponent did not have the cards to defend her.

Obviously this strategy works best if you have cheap units, like ice spirit, fire spirits, goblins or skeletons. Something that can stop a mini-pekka, Prince or a musketeer with a positive elixir trade. Also if your opponent doesn’t have many cheap units. Figure out their deck as soon as possible and make a decision whether to use this or not.

Here is some Princess game-play (4 minutes) where I try to use princess offensively on the other lane as much as possible. There is some entertaining music in the background as well ;). 

Edit: For those who did not understand: the idea of this post was to tell why you should use her offensively on the other lane instead of rushing the same lane over and over again.