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Legendary deck Arena 8+

Hey guys,ShreddyWap here and I’d like to share with you  guide on this deck (Pompeyo’s triple legendary deck) that helped me reach 4K trophies.I’ve used this deck in both of my best 15K tournament performances, 10th and 15th. I’ve won just over 10K cards from tournaments and I’m quite sad about the new update.  legendary deck

legendary deck

Legendary Deck Card Role:

Ice Wizard – A beast on defense. This card has amazing synergy with inferno tower because it provides the IT extra time to melt tanks, even if it’s Zapped. It’s also strong with Mini Pekka and Goblins because it slows down enemy troops, giving your DPS troops more time to do work. The splash damage is also very effective against swarm troops and spawners. Fun fact: An Ice Wizard/Mini Pekka combo can prevent a hog rider from getting any hits on your tower.  legendary deck

Princess – Provides chip damage, split-push pressure, baits spells, and has insane range! Does well against spawners and offers a second source of splash damage if your Ice Wizard is out of rotation. While Princess is a really strong card, mastering her is really difficult. You have to know when to play her at the bridge, when to play her to support your push, when to split push the lane opposite of your Princess, how to protect her from Miners, how to win Princess duels, etc. Covering all of those points would take far too long, but I’ll offer a few tips.  legendary deck


The Miner: When you play your Miner on a tower, pay attention to what the opponent plays to defend. If he’s using Goblins, Barbarians, Minions, Guards, or Minion Horde, try playing your miner in front of the tower with Fire Spirits at the bridge. If the opponent doesn’t have Zap available, not only will your fire spirits kill the defensive troops, but will also splash onto the tower for over 500 damage!legendary deck

Mini Pekka – The heavy hitter. Mini Pekka can wreck Hog Riders, Giants, Royal Giants, Golems, Miners, Musketeers, Wizards, and more due to her high DPS and decent health pool. Pair Mini Pekka with Fire Spirits on the counter push to clear the way to the tower. If you can get a Miner to tank for the Mini Pekka, the opponent is in trouble because a lot of the normal answers to Mini Pekka rely on tower damage as well. Important interactions include: Mini Pekka + Zap kills a Musketeer, Mini Pekka + Zap kills a Barbarian.

Fire Spirits – My favorite card in the deck. These two elixir hotties can create huge elixir advantages and deal massage damage if not death with. They can kill Three Musketeers (if they’re already locked on to a target) if you follow up with Zap, they eliminate Minions and Minion Hordes (+3 elixir trade!), they can deal heavy damage to a target if needed (such as balloon), and they can distract Mini Pekkas, Princes, and Lumberjacks

Goblins – High DPS, distraction troop that excels on defense and converts into a threatening counter push when paired with Miner. Miner isn’t the win condition in this deck, Goblins are. Because ladder only has one minute of overtime, you’ll struggle to chip down a tower if miner is the only troop to land damage. You need to get Mini Pekka and/or Goblins to the tower, even if it’s only once during the entire game.

Inferno Tower – The tank melter. Especially effective against Giants, Royal Giants, Bowlers, Pekka, Lava Hound, and Golem. I don’t like playing Inferno against a long Hog Rider unless I have to because it’s a -1 elixir trade and it doesn’t counter push.

Zap – Still the most popular spell in the game. Zap is such a versatile card for only two elixir that it’s an auto include in all of my decks (until the lightning buff maybe). Zap can kill small troops (including equal level Goblins, Goblin barrel -5 levels, Spear Goblins, Fire Spirits, and Skeletons),

Legendary Deck MATCHUPS

  • Three Musketeers – The Zap nerf made this previously easy win into a nightmare. You don’t have any direct damage spells, so you have to rely on Zap + Mini Pekka or distraction + Fire Spirits. Inferno is a good option to distract the 3M as well as melting whatever tank they’re using while or you can use Ice Wizard. I typically lose this match up, especially if they realize I don’t have direct damage and send all three Musketeers down the same lane.  legendary deck
  • Pekka Double Prince – Because this deck is expensive, try to kill their pumps with miner whenever you can. Inferno does well against both Pekka and Prince, especially with the help of Ice Wizard or Goblins to distract. I’ll typically rush the opposite lane with Miner/Goblins or Mini Pekka/Fire Spirits if they place a Pekka in the back because if they form a big push with Pekka, both Princes, and support troops, you’re in trouble.  legendary deck
  • Giant/Poison – Once again, Inferno Tower is your friend. Against most beatdown decks, I like to apply some split push pressure to prevent the opponent from creating a massive death ball push. Use Goblins or Mini Pekka to deal with the backline first and if the Inferno doesn’t kill the Giant, they can clean it up. Place Princess in the opposite lane so it doesn’t die to poison and play Ice Wizard to slow the Giant and help tank the backline damage as well.  legendary deck



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