Pekka Three Musketeers deck

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Hi Guys zhaozhao here and This is the  Pekka Three Musketeers deck I made to counter the new meta. It works really well in both ladder and tournaments, and has just gotten me to legendary arena from a previous personal best of 2600 trophies.

The  Pekka Three Musketeers deck is really a combination of offense and defense. Without many elixir collectors, your opponent is usually more cautious about their moves,It allows you to easily use a large sum of elixir to defend a small push, and proceed to pressure both lanes. let’s take a look on this  Pekka Three Musketeers deck Guide

 Pekka Three Musketeers Deck

 Pekka Three Musketeers Deck on Attacking :

Pekka Three Musketeers Deck On Defending :

  • Against small pushes, you can drop your Three Musketeers in the middle, and optionally either Ice Spirit, Ice Golem, or Zap to stall. You would usually want two in the lane that you are being attacked from, unless you really need to push the other lane harder. This is because that one of the musketeers in the other lane usually wander off early, so they would not be grouped together after defending.
  • If your three musketeers is unavailable or if you know that your opponent is saving a spell, e.g. lightning for them (those aren’t very popular mainly due to Barbarians), the remaining three cards can also make for amazing defense.  Pekka Three Musketeers deck
  • The skeleton army can be used to counter pushes containing mostly troop-targeting units. You can split them, too. My favorite move is to use ice golem to distract, then split the skeleton army so most go to the other lane, then add a dark prince in front. This creates a threatening push of Dark Prince + Skeleton Army in the other lane, while defending a small push at the same time, all for only 9 elixir.
  • The Dark Prince can be used to counter small troops, and Skeleton Army in case your other splash options aren’t available. It’s also a makeshift hog defense that will help kill a hog when low on elixir

Note: The deck is expensive but it counters chip decks very well. It does well against tank and air decks, too. I could see it struggle a bit against spawner decks, including furnace.


It is nevertheless a great deck, because it has gotten me to legendary arena and yielded consistent 10th or better places in custom tournaments, despite having quite underleveled cards. I believe that it will shine even more in tournaments if the epics are level 4.