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Hi guys Pekka Sparky Deck barbarians33 here and Pekka Sparky Deck which is viable and could be meta.My Pekka Sparky Deck contains these 8 cards: Pekka, Witch, Freeze, Sparky, ID, Bomber, Fireball and Ice spirit. All these cards in the battle are supposed to be used defensively not offensively until double elixir. The main reason many people don’t use it is cause I thought of it one random day and because normally if used they focus to much on offense but do not worry i will explain everything in this guide so come and take a look at this Pekka Sparky Deck guide

Pekka Sparky Deck

Pekka Sparky Deck Card Roles:

  1. PEKKA: The Pekka after receiving its latest buff turned it into a positive elixir machine knowing normal combos like Valkyrie and hog/Ebarbs/and occasionally battleram. And the best part is that the Pekka survives through all of those combos even through Valkyrie Ebarbs battleram, and yes I’ve gone against it. The Pekka’s purpose in this deck is to tank and to defend and counter push. The best placements are behind the king tower to start a push, two tiles infront of the princess tower to defend against pushes because that way splash damage doesn’t get to the tower knowing that fire spirits normally are placed with the hog rider to defend it from cards like skarmy and barbarians, and last but not least placing the Pekka in the middle, placing it there is one of the most viable placements after a tower being destroyed because no matter in which lane they place a troop it will easily counter it unless it’s a swarm troop.
  2. Witch: the witch is the main support troop for the Pekka apart from sparky and the bomber that are used for heavier troops. The witches placements is next to the tower for defense and for offense one tile next to the Pekka that way the tower gets distracted with the Pekka and if they place a IT (the tower not the movie ) or an ID (or an IPhone XD) it will get distracted with the doots giving the Pekka more time to destroy IT (cracks himself up and continues).
  3. Freeze: the Freeze spell is very important in this deck because incase they have a IT or ID (ID to pass XD) you can easily freeze IT* and (BM your way to hell by laughing at his face) allow the Pekka to destroy IT and in the case that he has an ID (to passrepeatedjoke) the freeze will allow IT(OK I should stop now) to retarget the doots.
  4. Sparky:Sparky is a very underrated troop as it has a lot of counters and IT (This is the last one I promise) barely gets to the tower, but (I don’t know if this is a miracle) in my last five matches I’ve been winning thanks to Sparky hitting the tower and yes they knew how to defend Sparky well the first time I placed her (and no I didn’t assume her gender because SUPERCELL refers to her as a she) they all put down either a Ewiz (Electrifiying) or surrounded it with swarm troops and laughed at me (they didn’t laugh at the end). The optimal placements are at the back for defending and counter pushing and in the bridge after a push is already being formed.
  5. Inferno Dragon:The ID (or passport) is another underrated card as swarm troops distract it even better than any other hard hitter, but in this deck it serves as a defensive troop for stopping pushes and then counter pushing (without overcommiting) as if left alone it will destroy the opponent’s tower. It also serves as a card to play on the other side while they try to defend your push as they will not likely see it.
  6. Fireball: not much to say it’s just a wizards fireball on steroids that most of us know how to use (Tip: best way to use it is by activating the king’s tower XD).
  7. (The)Bomber: the bomber is underused not underrated but does well in the arena with the ice spirit being able to counter the Ebarbs before the last balance changes. It’s purpose is to stop swarm troops that are NOT aire troops like minions and in a little bit bats.
  8. Ice Spirit: the Ice spirit is great at defending and supporting troops as this lil fella freezes troops for 1,5 secs for 1 elixir. Now this lil fella should be in the Suicide Squad

Why the Deck is successful: The PEKKA is used for defense and the counter push is with Sparky, Bomber and Ice Spirit. They counter and their troops have very little health. The spirit distract whatever is left. After the reset Pekka+ Witch combo puts them on the edge getting basically some damage and then they play their tank. 

Well that’s my Pekka Sparky Deck And Its average cost is 4.3 elixir but don’t underestimate it cause it packs 3 big punches the Pekka, Sparky and Inferno Dragon 


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I hope you guys enjoyed Pekka Sparky Deck So let me know in the comment what do you think about this Pekka Sparky Deck