Prince Witch Deck

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Hey Prince Witch Deck guys, EbarbsFTW here, and today, I’m going to share Prince Witch Deck fun, off meta deck Prince Witch Deck. I was just messing around by making a deck that included some of my favourite underrated cards, like the PEKKA, Prince, Witch, and Bandit, and I made one that actually looked pretty good. I tried out some 2v2 battles with this deck. I lost quite a bit as I was learning how to counter everything, and I only found one real weakness. Without further ado, this Prince Witch Deck features Also Check Out here October Meta Decks

Prince Witch Deck

Prince Witch Deck Card Roles:

Pekka – The main win condition. It can also be used in defence to destroy the enemy’s Giant/Golem/PEKKA, then counter push with Prince and Witch. It’s a really strong and underrated card.


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Prince – Another underrated card. I’ve always liked this card, as it was my first epic. Pretty hard to get to the tower, and honestly it needs a buff (+13% charge speed, please?). However, it is really strong when it gets to the tower.

Witch – This card just got an insane buff, and is much stronger now. This card is one of your only air defences, so use it wisely. At Tournament Standard, the Witch can 3-shot Minions and 4-shot Archers, which not a lot of people know. Unfortunately, my Witch is only level 4, and level 12 Minion Hordes are really common in Legendary.

Lightning – Your high damage spell. Use it against Inferno Towers, 3 Musketeers, medium-health defensive support units, Pumps, and to reset Inferno Dragons and Sparkies. Ever since I used Giant Beatdown a long time ago, this has been my favourite spell to use on offence.

Arrows – This is your swarm killer. Use this card on cheap hordes, like Goblin Gang, Skarmy, or Minion Horde to help clear the path for your PEKKA.

Skeletons – Even with the nerf, these little guys are still amazing. For 1 elixir, you can use these guys on defence against a Knight, Musketeer, or even a Mini PEKKA, while cycling your deck at the same time.

Mega Minion – This flying cupcake-lover is your main air defence. Use him against Balloons, Lava Hounds, and Inferno Dragons. He shouldn’t be used on offence unless he’s on a counter push.

Bandit – This card also got an insane buff, and now she’s pretty decent. Use her as a quick rush attack, as her reduced dash time makes her harder to stop from dashing towards the tower.

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Prince Witch Deck Common Matchups:

Royal Giant/Elite Barbarians – PEKKA, PEKKA, PEKKA! Use PEKKA on the RG/Ebarbs and turn it into a counter push. Even a half-health PEKKA can’t be ignored, so use this to your advantage and be prepared with Zap+Lightning.

Hog – PEKKA does a pretty good job against him on defence, so never place her in the back. Otherwise, Skeletons will only allow 2 hits on the tower, provided they aren’t Zapped/Logged.

Giant– PEKKA mauls tanks. Save her for defence and go on a huge counter push with your Prince+Witch.

Golem – See Giant

Splashyard – Usually, their main tank will be Bowler. If so, use PEKKA on him, and use the Witch on the Graveyard. If they use Baby Dragon, then use Mega Minion+Witch. For Knight, do either one of these combos. Try and make them use Poison on defence by using your Witch+PEKKA on a counter push.

Lavaloon – By far your toughest matchup! Save your Mega Minion for their Balloon, and Witch to splash onto the Balloon. Try and force them to defend a small push in the other lane, like Prince+Bandit+Zap. That might be a little expensive, but at least they can’t place their Balloon.

Xbow – Pretty easy as long as they don’t out cycle you. PEKKA and Prince will be your best friends.

Mortar – A little harder due to its blind spot, but same thing as Xbow. Bandit also does a good job, if the Mortar is unprotected. Don’t place your Witch in the back, as they might have Rocket.

Bait – You have Witch and Zap. Use Zap on their Barrel and Witch on their hordes. A little tricky if you don’t play against it properly. If you have trouble, swap Log for Zap, but that makes you a lot weaker to Minions.

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Hope you enjoyed the Prince Witch Deck guide, and I hope you can make this Prince Witch Deck work for you if, like me, you had been struggling in today’s meta. I’ll be around to answer questions too